Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) is set to become a full-service international, domestic, and freight airport. 

Boral is proud to have been selected as the supply partner responsible for producing, delivering, and laying the asphalt for the runways, taxiways, and airside roads and pavements at Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport (WSI).  

Working with the CPB Contractors and ACCIONA joint venture, Boral's experienced teams will oversee the surfacing works to ensure this critical infrastructure is completed to a high-quality standard, on time, on budget, and most importantly safely and sustainably. 

Scheduled to open in 2026, WSI will have the capacity to accommodate up to ten million passengers annually. Designed harmoniously with Australia's natural landscape and First Nations heritage, the airport will serve as a shining example of sustainable infrastructure.  

Boral is proud to have been given the opportunity to share and demonstrate its expertise when it comes to surfacing airport infrastructure, leveraging our capabilities across asphalt, concrete, quarry materials, in addition to support services including project management, IT and logistics, for this iconic project.


Project Stages:  

Stage 1: April 2023Stage 4: August 2023
Stage 2: May 2023Stage 5: December 2023
Stage 3: June 2023Stage 6: January 2024

STAGE 1: April 2023

Our colleagues at De Martin and Gasparini (DMG) have masterfully poured concrete at the eastern end of the new runway to form a solid base for Boral's purpose-built mobile asphalt plant.

This pad will underpin the construction and erection of various sections of the plant. DMG's professionalism, paired with their precise and efficient execution, encapsulates our shared commitment to excellence. Their expertise in concrete placement has been instrumental in this stage of the asphalt plant build, creating a base that offers exceptional stability for our heavy machinery. Built with endurance in mind, this robust foundation is designed to withstand the rigours of our future 24/7 operations. 

STAGE 2: May 2023

Boral’s logistics team, with a focus on safety and compliance, successfully mobilised and delivered the massive hot bin silos to the eastern end of the runway at Western Sydney    International Airport. These silos, integral to the production of asphalt for the new runway, taxiways, and aprons, represent a crucial part of the mobile asphalt plant.

Transporting this oversized equipment was a complex task, involving meticulous planning, coordination, and adherence to safety regulations. Our team utilised oversized trucks and trailers for an overnight operation across many restricted and closed roads, a testament to our extensive months-long preparation. 

We worked closely with local authorities, ensuring the movement complied with all statutory obligations while causing minimal disruption to local traffic. This achievement underscores our commitment to safety, precision, and excellence. 


STAGE 3: June 2023

With all equipment on site, the team began assembling the various components of the mobile asphalt plant, including the extremely large silos. 

By situating a mobile asphalt plant on site we're reducing local road traffic, saving energy on asphalt delivery, and enhancing construction efficiency. Our commitment to sustainable operations is now stronger than ever.  

This strategic placement of the plant offers several benefits, including: 

  • Reducing truck movement and traffic on local roads, 
  • Minimising the distance material is transported, 
  • Providing on-demand asphalt production, giving the project flexibility to accommodate changing project demands, 
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient operations, 
  • Ensuring timely project completion within a defined budget.  


STAGE 4: August 2023

Our Dunmore Quarry is responsible for supplying the asphalt aggregate to our on-site mobile plant at Western Sydney International Airport. The aggregate being extracted from Dunmore has been selected because of its proven strength, durability, and overall quality of the basalt available within the quarry’s catchment.

STAGE 5: December 2023

Our highly experienced teams are hard at work as they complete airport runway priming. Priming is a preliminary treatment that occurs before the application of asphalt surfacing on a prepared pavement. It can also be applied before a spray seal. Primers improve the bond between pavement and the covering surface by penetrating and ‘toughening’ the pavement. Airport pavements have highly stringent requirements, exceeding those for roads and other public infrastructure. The completion of priming lays the groundwork for subsequent construction stages.

STAGE 6: January 2024

Up Coming Work

Boral's Information & Technology team will establish a seamless communications network throughout the project site, facilitating efficient collaboration and data exchange between onsite and offsite stakeholders and partners.
The priming process will soon commence, laying the groundwork for subsequent construction stages.

Be sure to check-back regularly to see how the project is progressing. 

Why Choose Boral?

  • Proven Capability: With a strong track record of successfully delivering airport projects across Australia, Boral maintains the expertise needed to ensure the timely and effective completion of the project at Western Sydney International Airport.
  • Turn-Key Solution: Boral provides a fully integrated turn-key solution, overseeing all aspects of the surfacing project from initiation to completion, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders.
  • Safety as a Priority: Boral prioritises safety above all else, strictly adhering to compliance protocols and proactively identifying and mitigating potential safety risks in line with their Zero Harm policies.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Boral is committed to sustainable practices by utilising reclaimed, recycled, and environmentally friendly materials in the production and laying of asphalt where possible. By doing this, it reduces the WSI project's carbon footprint and supports the airport's commitment to environmental stewardship without compromising quality.

By partnering with Boral, the Western Sydney International Airport project has gained access to a trusted airport surfacing provider that combines technical expertise, reliability, and a commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.