Boral, in a ground-breaking venture has partnered with eight Sydney local councils on the most significant recycled rubber asphalt demonstration project Australia has ever seen.

We're thrilled to be at the forefront of an initiative aimed at the sustainability and extended lifespan of council roads.

What's it About:

Recycling Tyres for Roads initiative, spearheaded by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), revolves around repurposing end-of-life car and truck tyres. By converting these tyres into crumbed rubber asphalt, the project aims to create a more sustainable solution for council roads, reduce costs, and foster a market for repurposing old tyres.

Sustainability at Its Core:

Initially, the project will recycle the rubber from 3,600 standard passenger car tyres or a combination of 2,400 car and 490 truck tyres.

Collaborative Approach:

Post Boral's successful tender, we're now collaborating with eight out of the twelve participating local councils.

Progress Update:

Boral successfully laid its first pavement in early June 2023. Completion of the remaining works across various council areas is eagerly anticipated.

The effectiveness of each asphalt blend will be vigilantly monitored for an initial duration of 12 months under various conditions to gauge the product advantages. This will not only provide detailed insights on the use of recycled rubber treatments but also set the tone for the development of future crumb rubber asphalt specifications in upcoming ventures.

Understanding Crumbed Rubber Asphalt:

In this initiative, crumbed rubber asphalt uses recycled rubber as a binder in the asphalt pavement construction. Notably, this variant, which is wet blended before production, offers enhanced durability and resilience compared to its standard counterparts.