Boralstone® polished concrete

Design and build inspirational living areas to reflect all that you value and feel good about in life with Boral polished concrete flooring.

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is used to describe a variety of decorative concrete flooring options which leave a concrete surface exposed as the final floor finish.

Special aggregates are usually chosen to give a polished stone appearance. Aggregate colours, types (round or crushed), sizes, mineral-content, etc can all be selected and blended to produce a variety of finishes including polished granite-type (reconstituted stone) finishes. Hard aggregates such as quartz and igneous rocks (eg granite) are preferred as they polish well and provide an excellent wearing surface.

Boralstone® polished concrete combines the strength of concrete with the beauty of polished stone. Select from a wide range of concrete colours and stone combinations for a custom finish to concrete floors, bench tops, counters, columns and mantles.

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Unique flooring design

Boralstone® can be formed into any shape then polished to a smooth surface, course cut for a rougher finish or hammered to give a pitted effect. It also accepts glass, crystal, brass lettering or even a cast copper logo insertion into the concrete for a truly unique effect.

All Boralstone® mixes are designed with a neutral colour base. Exclusive to Boral, this colour base (similar to off-white) is both attractive when used alone and makes added colours more vivid for maximum visual impact.

Consider Boralstone® for an affordable, energy efficient, low-maintenance flooring alternative particularly when laid as part of a structural concrete slab. When laid as a topping, Boralstone® is equivalent in cost per metre to timber flooring and tiling and less than terrazzo.

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Beautiful and practical

Polished concrete floors bring your home to life. Boral’s supplies high quality, long lasting polished concrete to add a touch of elegance to any area.

  • Easy to clean, family safe floors; polished concrete floors are water-based and free from odour, dust and germs.
  • Long-lasting shine and polish; special sealers protect the concrete from stains and offer high durability.
  • Ultimate versatility: performs well in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen or living room; with a slip-resistant sealer polished concrete floors are ideal for pools (swimming pool makeover) , BBQs, laundries or bathrooms.

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What is terrazzo?

‘Terrazzo’ is the name traditionally used for honed concrete incorporating marble aggregate; it is now often used to describe honed concrete containing other aggregates.

Where can polished concrete be used?

Polished concrete finishes can also be applied to suspended slabs. In fact all the decorative options normally associated with floors can be utilised on wall panels cast horizontally (tilt-up or precast).

Read more about Polished Concrete flooring & applications in Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) Briefing -

>CCAA Polished Concrete floors (PDF 1.2MB)

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