Kendrick Park Cycleway •• Tempe


LocationKendrick Park, Tempe
BuilderLand & Marine
OwnerInner West Council


The three-month project was finished in July 2016

Boral Products/Services

Inner West Council sought Boral's ENVISIA® concrete for its low shrinkage qualities - an important characteristic in sea wall construction, resistance to chloride ingress in a marine environment, high early strength, off-white colour, resistance to sulphates due to its lower permeability, lower carbon levels, quality finish and high durability to lower life cycle costs.

The heavily used Kendrick Park Cycleway in inner suburban Sydney was regularly at the mercy of the tidal Cooks River with the path inundated at peak high tides and during heavy rainfall.

Regularly covered with up to 300 millimetres of salt water for up to three hours, the path would be temporarily blocked for use by cyclists and pedestrians.

Constructing a new path and levee wall in its place provided an engineering challenge for Inner West Council due the limited clearance under the Illawarra line railway bridge and gas lines under the existing path.

The council chose ENVISIA® concrete due to its durability and lower shrinkage – providing an extended life as well as the expected reduction in maintenance costs because of ENVISIA's® shrinkage and cracking resistant characteristics.

The shared path is located about 10 kilometres from Sydney's CBD is part of the Homebush Bay to Sydney Airport regional cycleway and also forms part of the Cooks River Cycleway.

The initial cost is higher than a more conventional concrete in real terms, but due to the high durability and lower shrinkage of ENVISIA® the life cycle cost of the asset is reduced. It also presents a sustainable advantage with lower carbon levels.

~ Paul Lunniss, Project Engineer, Inner West Council

YouTube video - Cycle path prior to installation of ENVISIA®