Meet Our Innovators

Louise Keyte
National Research and Development Manager

Dr Louise Keyte has more than 17 years’ experience in research and development for the construction industry and has been working for Boral for the past 10 years.

Louise is currently the National Research and Development Manager for Boral Australia and interested in developing other value-added concretes.

She has been heavily involved in the development of ENVISIA® concrete for Boral and is the inventor on several patents in Australia and the United States for Boral.

Louise is also passionate about encouraging diversity in the construction industry and a member of Boral's Diversity Council.

Prior to joining Boral, Louise was involved in the manufacture of low-carbon masonry units in China and design of low-carbon light-weight panels with the University of Christchurch.

Her practical experience is reinforced by a strong theoretical background:

  • PhD at University of Melbourne – research was motivated by the need to understand the reaction mechanisms of supplementary cementitious materials including slag and fly ash to better design low-carbon binders
  • Two current Australian Research Council grants with the University of NSW to further cement research

Redmond Lloyd
General Manager — Innovation

Redmond Lloyd is one of the many talented people who represent the future of Boral. As General Manager – Innovation, he leads the Innovation Factory in Australia, which develops new products and is one of the cornerstones of Boral's vision of achieving performance excellence through innovation. The Innovation Factory's focus is to make it more systematic, strategic and focused on Boral's needs and, ideally, making the process more efficient. Redmond has been involved in research and development in cement and concrete for years.