Why Choose Cultured Stone?

Around for 50 years in the US market, Boral has introduced Cultured Stone® to Australia. Cultured Stone® is a manufactured stone cladding product that has qualities of traditional stone but with significant added benefits.

  • With nine distinct ranges and a diverse palette of colours, there are numerous options for shape, size, colour and texture
  • Each unit of Cultured Stone® is cast in natural stone moulds and meticulously hand coloured to achieve the depth, complexity of colour, pattern and unique texture of stone.
  • A multitude of moulds means roughly 70m2 will be installed before a repeat mould is identified.
  • Corner pieces are available for all Cultured Stone products enhancing the look of stone and avoiding unsightly gaps or unfinished ends.
  • Versatile in its use, Cultured Stone® works in harmony with other building materials such as brick, timber and glass.
  • Through clever engineering, Cultured Stone® weighs much less than natural stone so it can be easier to lift and install on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Boral's quality control measures and choice of raw materials ensure that professionally installed Cultured Stone® will stand up to Australia’s tough climate. It is designed to last, maintaining its beauty and strength for many years.*
  • Once installed, Cultured Stone® cladding is low maintenance. Most applications don’t require painting, coating and sealing after installation.**
  • In all Cultured Stone® products, there is a minimum of 54% recycled content.*

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* 50 year warranty. Refer to the full warranty available at the time of supply.
** See Technical Information Guide for applications prone to smoke, soot, dirt or water splashing.
† Based on test results of the products in the USA by Underwriters Laboratories October 2010.

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