Benefits of Terracotta Roof Tiles

Long Lasting – 50 Year Warranty
With a 50 year warranty, Boral Terracotta tiles are manufactured to last and will make a beautiful and hardwearing roof for your home. Each terracotta tile has a vitrified body that makes it impervious to air and water borne pollutants and able to withstand exposure to Australia’s harsh UV light without breaking down.

The 50 year warranty on Boral Terracotta tiles is provided to all terracotta tiles and customers regardless of the location of the property.

Colour Retention
Unlike other materials, Terracotta roofing substantially retains its appearance with age, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home over time. Terracotta tiles are crafted from select natural clays that are kiln-fired to temperatures of 1100°C for exceptional character and strength with high colour retention and low maintenance.

Salt Safe & Frost Resistant
All Boral Terracotta tiles are salt safe and frost resistant making them suitable for any location including coastal areas and sites with close proximity to breaking surf.

Thermal Performance
The thermal performance of a roof refers to how it affects the temperature within a house and relates to the energy used within the house to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level.

Add to the in thermal performance by using sarking, increased insulation, a lighter roof colour and changes in the overall design considerations.

Acoustic Performance
Enjoy more peace and quiet with terracotta roof tiles as their density helps reduce the external sound such as traffic, aircrafts and trains. In fact, roof tiles have a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels as opposed to only 12 decibels for the most commonly used alternative¹.
¹Cement and Concrete Association of Australia Technical Report. TR/F81. Sept. 1984, Roof Tile Association of Australia

Low Maintenance
Once Terracotta roof tiles installed they have negligible maintenance requirements for the life of the roof. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged or require modification (e.g. installing a skylight), only the affected tiles usually require replacement or removal.

Fire Resistance
Boral Terracotta roof tiles are non-combustible and can be safely used in bush fire-prone areas. In areas assessed as BAL - 12 to BAL - 40, sarking with a flammability index of not more than 5 must be installed under the tiles and cover the whole roof. In BAL -FZ areas, specific construction requirements can be obtained at

Rainwater & Tank Safety
Boral Terracotta roof tiles are non-toxic and provided your roof is clean and healthy, can be suitable for the collection of rainwater for reuse. Boral Terracotta roof tiles are manufactured to AS 2049 ensuring the surface treatment is free of any elements or chemicals in concentrations known to be hazardous to health.

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