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Consider coastal impact when advising on roof material

As builder and specifiers know, not all building products are suitable for every project. Environmental variables are an important consideration when advising clients on materials for their home.


Regular roof health-checks give peace of mind

The roof is often a 'silent guardian' for the home and family. As a first line of defence against wild weather, excess noise and extreme temperatures, it is important to ensure it is in the best condition year-round

Roof TIle

Limit noise with roof tiles

As Australia becomes increasingly urbanised, more houses are being built near noise sources such as higways, airports and railways. Boral is reminding builders and specifiers of the importance of selecting appropriate roofing material for projects in areas with high noise levels.

The Empress Completes

The Empress completes the luxury look with Boral Terracotta roof tiles.

Seeking the look and feel of an exclusive five star boutique hotel, Padman Health Care used premium Boral Terracotta Shingle roof tiles to complete its new $20 million luxury residential care facility, The Empress.

Terracotta Shingle

Terracotta shingles key to creative roof design

In the prestigious east Melbourne suburb of Canterbury, architect Phillip Mannerheim and master builder Brian Lee collaborated on a project to create two townhouses with premium appeal that met the price expectations of the market.