Product Catalogue: Roof Tiles

French (Terracotta)

A long-serving perfect match with classically beautiful architecture, today the shaped profile of French terracotta tiles introduce much-desired texture and warmth to modern living.

All Boral terracotta roof tiles are manufractured in Australia and come with a 50 year product guarantee.

Available in these Colours:

94_French-Barley-Stone-170.jpg Barley Stone
96_French-Antique-Bronze-170.jpg Antique Bronze
97_French-Wild-choc-170.jpg Wild Choc
98_French-Federation-170.jpg Federation
99_French-Mahogany-170.jpg Mahogany
100_French-Burgundy-170.jpg Burgundy
101_French-Autumn-Leaf-170.jpg Autumn Leaf
102_French-Ghost-Gum-170.jpg Ghost Gum Grey
103_French-Slate-Grey-170.jpg Slate Grey
104_French-Feldspar-170.jpg Feldspar
105_French-Jaffa-Red-170.jpg Jaffa Red
106_French-Crimson-170.jpg Crimson Blaze
107_French-Sydney-Red-170.jpg Sydney Red
108_French-Sunset-Red-170.jpg Sunset Red
109_French-Fire-Glow-170.jpg Fire Glow
110_French-Cottage-Red-170.jpg Cottage Red
111_French-Eclipse-170.jpg Eclipse
112_French-Ebony-170.jpg Ebony
2725_French-Sienna-Red-170.jpg Siena Red

    Features & Benefits

  • Unique design, premium quality, colour integrity and low maintenance.

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Shaped Roof Tiles


Cross Bond



Durability Grade

Salt-Safe / Corrosion Resistant

* Colours may vary per state

* Colours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection. Products chosen should be ordered
from an actual roof tile sample, available from your Boral Selection Centre at time of purchase.

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Dimension Range:

Width-Length (mm) Weight 3.1 kg 12.1 per m² 423-265-3