Product Catalogue: Timber Flooring

Boral metallon™ engineered hardwood flooring

Boral metallon™ engineered flooring envelopes the earthy beauty of timber flooring and contemporary aesthetics of precious metals, creating a synergy that is truly decadent.

With click lock installation, metallon™ seamlessly integrates into your space. Pre-finishing minimises the extra work required and allows for versatility with its ability to be sanded back to reveal a more natural blackbutt or spotted gum finish.

Available in these Colours:

403_Metallon-Cobalt-Spotted-Gum-170.jpg Cobalt - Spo...
3291_Metallon-Titanium-Spotted-Gum-170.jpg Titanium - S...
3292_Metallon-Copper-Blackbutt-170.jpg Copper - Bla...
3293_Metallon-Pewter-Blackbutt-170.jpg Pewter - Bla...
3294_Metallon-Tungsten-Blackbutt-170.jpg Tungsten - B...



Product Range

Timber Flooring

Installation Method

glued or 'floated' over concrete slab, 
glued or 'floated' over ceramic tiles, 
glued or 'floated' over vinyl, 
glued or 'floated' over plywood subfloor, 
glued or 'floated' over particleboard subfloor, 
glued or 'floated' over old timber flooring

Flooring Types 

Engineered Flooring

Board Thickness

14mm x 134mm wide

Species and sizes
134 x 14mm Blackbutt & Spotted Gum

Technical Specification

Box length (mm)* 1820
Area per box (m2) 1.464
Area per pallet (m2) 112.7
Number of boxes per pallet 77
Boards per box* 6
Weight per box (kg) 5

*Board lengths include up to 1820mm, including a maximum of four short boards per box ranging from 600mm to 1200mm

Grades available
Grading represents the visual characteristics of the timber and has no influence over structural qualities.

Boral metallon Engineered Flooring is not graded for colour variation or grain patterns as they form part of the natural beauty of hardwood timber flooring.

Boral metallon Engineered Flooring is graded to AS 2796.1 Standard & Better

Installation Requirements
Boral metallon Engineered Flooring can be glued or ‘floated’ over any level subfloor such as a concrete slab, particleboard or plywood sheeting or over old timber floors or tiles.

As with all hardwood timber floors, Boral Engineered Flooring is not recommended for bathrooms, laundries or other wet areas.

For further information on installation see the Boral Engineered Flooring Installation Guide.

Care and Maintenance
Like all timber floors Boral Engineered Flooring will mark and scratch. However, it can be re-coated or re-sanded as required, just like traditional wood flooring in order to maintain your floor;
  • Sweep or vacuum (bristles down) your floor regularly to removestones and abrasive grit or dirt.
  • Install dirt trapping mats at external entrances.
  • Apply felt floor protectors to the underside of all moving furniture to reduce marking or scratching.
  • Damp clean using a barely moist mop. For best results, add one capful of Timber Cleaner to your water and towel off any excess moisture immediately after damp mopping.
Full Maintenance Instructions can be obtained from your local retailer.

Underlays provide floor levelling, cushioning and acoustic properties.
Boral Timber has a variety of quality underlays, such as Boral 2mm and 4mm Underlay that can be installed with an engineered timber floor to provide a range of quality flooring solutions.

Technical Specification and Features of 2mm Underlay;
  • High quality closed cell cross-linked polyolefin plastic foam.
  • 1m wide supplied in lengths of 20m and 50m
  • 50m roll incorporates moisture barrier plastic film
  • 115kpa resistance to water
  • 0.0133 mg/N.s water vapour transmission
  • Supplied with double sided tape
  • Excellent tensile and compression strength
  • Absorbs subfloor unevenness
  • Light weight and easy to install
Technical Specification and Features of RV4 4mm Underlay
  • Manufactured from recycled polyurethane foam granulates and cork, bound with polyurethane,
  • Meets the BCA requirement of Lnw+C of 62 for acoustic underlays
  • Acoustic rating ISO 140.6, ISO 140.8, AS 717.2-2004
  • Roll width and length 1 metre wide, 20 metres in length
  • Material weight 1.72kg/m2
  • Material density 430kg/m3
  • Tensile strength 0.9N/mm2 - DIN 53 577
  • Elongation at break 25% - DIN 53 571
  • Tension under pressure 0.9N/mm2 - DIN 53 577
  • Temperature resistance -40°C to 115°C
  • Fire Resistance Class B2 - DIN 4102
  • Thermal conductivity 0.12W/mK


Please call Boral Timber on 1800 818 317 for detailed Boral RV4 installation guidelines

Trims and Accessories
A variety of Trims and accessories are availble upon request

Board Widths:



Standard and Better Grade

Board Lengths:

Box Length 1820mm. Board length range 600mm-1820mm