Product Catalogue: Decorative Concrete

Exposé® Exposed Pebble S.E. QLD

A range of concrete products specifically designed for the top layer of the building matrix (paste) to be removed after placement to expose the aggregates in the concrete.

Available in these Colours:

2085_Paper-Blossom-170.jpg Paper Blossom
2086_Crusader-170.jpg Crusader
2197_Boralstone-QLD-SALTPEPPER.jpg Salt n Pepper
2199_Expose-QLD-MIDNIGHT.jpg Midnight
2202_Expose-QLD-BLACKNIGHT.jpg Black Night
2212_Fire-Fly-170.jpg Fire Fly
2213_Western-Red-170.jpg Western Red
2215_Expose-QLD-RIVERRED.jpg River Red
2217_Expose-QLD-WINTERRED.jpg Winter Red
2219_Expose-QLD-SILVERFROST.jpg Silver Frost
2220_Expose-QLD-PEARL.jpg Pearl
2222_Expose-QLD-ARCTICSUN.jpg Arctic Sun
2223_Expose-QLD-OCEANFLOOR.jpg Ocean Floor
2547_Expose-QLD-BENGAL.jpg Bengal
2548_expose_qld_cherry_170.jpg Cherry Blossom
2549_expose_qld_eclipse_170.jpg Eclipse
3125_Tuxedo-170.jpg Tuxedo
3126_Scorpion-170.jpg Scorpion
3127_Penguin-170.jpg Penguin
3128_Dragon-Fly-170.jpg Dragonfly
3129_Lady-Bug-170.jpg Lady Bug
3130_Spitfire-170.jpg Spitfire

    Features & Benefits

  • Wide variety of aggregate and colour combinations
  • Contact 1300 30 59 80

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Exposed Aggregate

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Regional Distribution 

QLD - Regional, 
QLD - Brisbane

Recommended Applications:
Driveways, pool surrounds, landscaping, pathways, outdoor entertainment areas, parks & gardens, subdivision footpaths, community areas.

There are exposed aggregate finished and then there's Exposé® - Exposed Aggregate Concrete - where the natural raw textures of soft river stones and crushed quarry stones are truly Exposed.

Exposé® is a range of exposed aggregates and colour concrete combinations that offers you all the traditional looks to suit those traditional style homes through to a new bold modern range that has that extra element of design that makes you look twice.

We've travelled far and wide to source a collection of natural stones each with unique and defining characteristics.

If you're after a soft feel under your feet then our river stones are smooth and round, or if your steep driveway is in need of a little more traction our rough and angular quarry stones may suit.

In commercial environments colourful Exposé® footpaths can highlight your business entrances, define you car parks and border your gardens.

Now you have the power to choose from our wide range and create a style that suits your designs.


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Please note: NATURAL PRODUCTS CAN VARY – Boral decorative concrete contains aggregates and other materials that originate from natural quarry products therefore some variation in appearance and consistency may occur. We recommend making final colour selections from an actual sample.