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Cultured Stone - Country Ledgestone

The extensive palette of installer-friendly Country Ledgestone cladding differentiates one ledgestone from another. It also provides a more subtle blend of colour, for a bolder, more random look.

Available in these Colours:

1538_CntryLedge-ASPEN_170.jpg Aspen
1540_CntryLedge-WOLFCK_170.jpg Wolf Creek
1550_CntryLedge-WHTOAK_170.jpg White Oak
1588_CntryLedge-CHARD_170.jpg Chardonnay
3253_CS-CL-Bucks-County-170px.jpg Bucks County
3256_CS-CL-BlackRundle-170px.jpg Black Rundle
3257_CS-CL-EchoRidge-170px.jpg Echo Ridge

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Country Ledgestone

Modelled from natural stone and created with painstaking care and artistry, Cultured Stone achieves the depth, complexity of colour, pattern and unique texture of stone.

With nine distinct ranges and a diverse palette of colours, there are numerous options for size, shape, colour and texture, providing the artistic freedom to create a truly personal look.

Cultured Stone cladding does more than just add beauty to a home.

Ledge - Stone Cladding Style
Both rugged and precise, rectangular stone veneers are small in scale and low-relief.

Ledge: Stone Veneer Style

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