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Strong, affordable and fashionably flat, Vogue strikes at the heart of contemporary style. Featuring a contemporary flat profile, it combines alluring clean lines with the distinctive quality of individual tiles.

All Boral roof tiles come with a 20-year product guarantee.


Available in these Colours:

952_Conc_Vogue_40_Ebony_170.jpg Ebony
953_Conc_Vogue_40_Charcoal_Grey_170.jpg Charcoal Grey
954_Conc_Vogue_40_Gunmetal_170.jpg Gunmetal
957_Conc_Vogue_40_Dark_Chocolate_170.jpg Dark Chocolate
958_Conc_Vogue_40_Walnut_360x360.jpg Walnut

    Features & Benefits

  • Affordable looks: With proven protection and an attractive appearance at a lower cost, it’s easy to see why concrete tiles remain Australia’s most popular choice in roofing.
  • Extensive colour range: There is a concrete tile to complement any colour scheme.
  • Enduring strength: Boral concrete tiles are manufactured from durable concrete to strict strength specifications, with strength actually improving with age. Salt-safe and frost resistant, suitable for any location.
  • Rainwater and tank safety: Have peace of mind in collecting water from tiled roofs, as it is compliant with World Health Organisation standards for drinking. Water collected on Boral roof tiles is non-toxic and safe to reuse.
  • Thermal insulation: Thermal lag in tiles results in advantageous insulation properties to help manage heat transmission, in addition to considerations such as sarking, tile colour and overall solar design.
  • Low maintenance: Once tiles are installed there is little or no maintenance. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged, there is the added advantage of individual tile replacement over large steel sheets.

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Product Range

Flat Roof Tiles



Durability Grade

Salt-Safe / Corrosion Resistant

* Charcoal Grey is a Colour Through tile.


Colours shown are indicative and should not be used for final selection. Products chosen should be ordered from an actual roof tile sample, available from your Boral Selection Centre at time of purchase.

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Dimension Range:

Width-Length (mm) Weight 5.2 kg 10 per m² 345-432-