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Luminesque® Decorative Concrete

Luminesque® is a patented* new concrete aggregate application producing a bright natural glow in the dark–illuminating polished concrete floors, pool surrounds, garden pathways, outdoor areas and driveways. It is available in a range of ‘glowing’ colours.

The addition of brilliant luminescent aggregate technology radiates natural light in the dark for hours after daylight sun exposure.

Available in these Colours:

902_jade_glow_aggregate.jpg Jade Aggregate
903_sky_glow_aggregate.jpg Sky Aggregate
904_shamrock_glow_aggregate.jpg Shamrock Agg...

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Product Range

Decorative Concrete Range

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Driveways , 
Pools , 
Specialised Applications

Regional Distribution 

VIC Metro

Now you can have the natural beauty of stone with the strength and natural glow of luminescent concrete.


Luminesque® can be seeded in-situ, applied as exposed or polished
concrete and is best suited to areas where it can absorb light energy during the day for a radiant glow at night.


Luminesque® concrete reduces the need for artificial light and with a long lifespan, will light the way for many years to come.


*patent No. 2009902674 pending.