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Durapave is at the leading edge of asphalt technology and has been designed to provide exceptional fatigue performance, long service life and enhanced skid resistance to an existing pavement. Durapave can be used when a thin durable highly textured asphalt surface is required under a wide range of traffic loads from freeways to local roads.

Available in these Colours:

632_Black_Surface_Coat_Asphalt.jpg Black
633_Green_Surface_Coat_Asphalt.jpg Green
635_Brown_Surface_Coat_Asphalt.jpg Brown
641_Red_Colour_Coat_300_Asphalt.jpg Red

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Product Range


Application / Use

Light Industrial, 
Council Roads, 
State Roads, 

Functional Attributes 

Skid Resistant, 
Noise Reduction, 
Spray Reduction, 
Water Proofing

Durapave has been specially designed to render an asphalt wearing course with enhanced fatigue performance properties for use when overlaying existing surfaces requiring high resistance to reflective cracking.

Durapave is most suitable for restoring the ride and functional surface characteristics of existing sound pavements carrying all vehicle loading types from light to heavy traffic (1).

Durapave is manufactured from high quality aggregates and a specially modified binder to ensure the long term performance of the surfacing.

Durapave can be paved in layer thicknesses between 20 and 30 mm using a 7 mm nominal maximum aggregate size (NMAS) with an asphalt paver.

(1) According to AUSTROADS Guide to Selection & Design of Asphalt Mixes, Heavy Traffic is defined as:
• 5 E6 to 2 E7 or 500 commercial vehicles/lane/day generally travelling at >25km/h; or
• 5 E5 to 5 E6 or 100 to 500 commercial vehicles/lane/day involving stop/start, in climbing lanes or generally travelling at ≤25km/ h.

Environmental Benefits:

Light Reflectivity

Maintenance Application: