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PPRĀ® cold mix asphalt PPRĀ® Cold Mix Asphalt

Durable, long-term fix for Asphalt pothole and patch repairs. Easy to place, no harmful solvents and long shelf life. PPR® is a cost effective road & pavement repair solution.

Sustainable Paving with Asphalt Sustainable Paving with Asphalt

Paving the way towards more sustainable asphalt roads with innovative technology to improve the sustainability of Boral asphalt products and optimise quality and performance.

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Asphalt Range - Victoria
BitupackBitupack is a cold mix for small or temporary repairs to potholes, footpaths and service trenches or as minor infill.
Dense Graded Asphalt

Dense graded aggregates and bitumen with or w/o mineral filler, laid & compacted hot for dense smooth surface.

DurapaveDurapave is a high performance and durable thin asphalt surface for freeways and local roads
Emulsion Spray Seals

Provides completely new wearing surface and restores skid resistance and waterproofing capabilities.

Gatt Seals

For a durable, skid resistant and dust-free road surface.

Hot Spray Seals

Provides completely new wearing surface and restores skid resistance and waterproofing capabilities.

Open Graded Asphalt

A porous asphalt mix formulated to provide large voids (in excess of 20%) to allow surface water to drain away.&

Stone Mastic

A thin yet resistant asphalt surfacing mix with very good rut resistance properties and superior durability.

Surface Coat

Provides a uniform texture and colour for waterproof, smooth and fine finish pavement surfaces and feature areas.

WarmPave Asphalt

WarmPave uses new warm mix technology, optimises the use of RAP, and is structurally and volu


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