Quarry Products Range - All States
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Armour Rock/ Beaching/ Spalls

Ranging in size from 150mm to 1500mm plus for specialised applications.

Cement Treated Crushed Rock

A mixture of natural or recycled crushed rock, fines, cement and water which is mixed together.

Common Aggregates

A granular material either natural or processed from deposits of sand, gravel or rock.

Concrete Sand

Normally naturally occurring washed sand with a particle size less than 5mm.

Crushed Rock/Roadbase

A well graded material of various sized particles to enable compaction.


A crushed fine aggregate max. particle size < 5mm through to particle sizes < 75 micron.


Recycled crushed concrete or a blend with natural crushed rock, coated either with or without a cementitious binder

General Fill

General fill can be from natural or recycled material placed in a number of applications.

Packing Sand

Normally naturally occurring sand with a maximum particle size of 3mm with a high clay content.

Rail Ballast

Single size aggregate used in rail track construction.



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