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Structural Timber Range - All States
Kiln Dried Solid Nail Laminated Hardwood

Nail laminated timber products are fabricated by nailing timber sections together to produce a wider product

Kiln Dried Solid Plated Hardwood

Nailplated timber - joining sections end to end to produce longer length / fixing the joins with nailplates.

Kiln Dried Solid Plated Nail Laminated ..

Combination of nail plating and nail laminating techniques to provide a wider and longer piece of hardwood timber

Pinegard Blue

Structural timber designed to protect from termite attack south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Solid Seasoned Hardwood

Solid seasoned hardwood timber tends to have a superior dimensional stability to unseasoned hardwood timber.

Structural Softwood

Structural softwood timber produced from Radiata Pine

Unseasoned (Green) Hardwood

Boral Timber’s unseasoned hardwood timber is timber that has not been seasoned.



Stress Grade


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