Packaged Products - FAQ

Boral Packaged Products - FAQ
Q: How many premixed 20kg bags of concrete per cubic metre of concrete?
A: 108 bags of Concrete Mix will produce approximately one cubic metre of concrete. That is, an area of 10 square metres (for example, 5 metres long by 2 metres wide) can be covered to a depth of 100mm with this amount of concrete. (10m² x 0.1m =1m³ ).

Q:   What is the difference between grey General Purpose cement and Builders cement?
A: General Purpose cement is a Portland cement with less than 5% Mineral Additions and Builders Cement is a Blended cement with approximately 60% Portland cement and 40% GGBFS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag). Builders cement is lighter in colour and develops early age strength more slowly than General Purpose cement, making it popular in bricklaying and rendering.

Q: Can I contact Boral Cement direct for cement to be delivered to my house or job site?
A: No. Boral Cement is a manufacturer and wholesaler of cement and the most efficient means available to the company to sell its products is via resellers such as Hardware stores, Sand & Soil yards, Building & Landscaping Supplies yards.

Q: Does cement have a use-by date?
A: Cement quality is affected by exposure to moisture and air. Cement in opened bags will deteriorate quickly, as will cement in bags that are exposed to wet weather and not used immediately.

Cement should be used promptly or stored undercover in as dry an area as possible and off the ground. It is considered that under normal storage conditions cement is fully usable for up to six months from the date of manufacture, which is printed on the bag. If cement is visibly affected, with a large number of hard lumps, it should be re-tested or not used.

Q: What is the difference between cement and concrete?
A: Concrete is a homogeneous mixture of cement, sand and coarse aggregates with water. Cement is the binder or "glue" that will react with water and make the mixture set hard and develop strength with time. It is simpler to think of cement as the powder that is used to make concrete.

Q: What is the difference between Rapid Set No Mix Concrete and Quickset Concrete?
A: While Quickset concrete can be mixed in a mixer or wheelbarrow and placed in a normal manner without delay to set within half an hour, Rapid Set No Mix Concrete cannot be mixed and placed in such a way. It is designed to be combined with the predetermined amount of water directly in the area (usually a hole) to be filled with concrete. While Quickset concrete sets at a faster rate than normal Concrete Mix, Rapid Set No Mix stiffens almost immediately. If mixed in a mixer, the setting of Rapid Set No Mix will be disturbed and concrete will not be usable.