Packaged Products - How To: Repointing

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Follow Bluey's easy steps to repoint old and weathered brick or blockwork.  
You Will Need:
brickies mud
pointed trowel
raking tool
damp cloth
Brickies Mud
"Brickies Mud is a premixed trade quality mortar, suitable for use in all brick and block work."
Repointing brick or blockwork can be a drawn out process but a worthy one to minimize more damage to the mortar
joint. Rake out the loose mortar with a raking tool or screwdriver. A minimum of 10mm measured from the face brick should be raked out. This will depend on the condition of the mortar. You should not be required to rake out any
more than 20mm. Clean the area to be repointed by removing any mortar dust from the joint.
Using a small paint brush, wet joint with water to eliminate water being absorbed from the new mortar being placed.
Continue by mixing up the required amount of Brickies Mud to a consistent mix (not too wet) and enough that can be used within one hour. Work the new mortar into the joint with a small pointing trowel. You may need to have a drop sheet to reduce the amount of cleaning up.
Clean off excess immediately and wipe the brick face with a damp cloth and rake joint to match existing groove or as required. Allow the mortar to dry for 5-7 days before cleaning any stains with a brick cleaner product and high pressure washer. Clean tools with water immediately.
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