Packaged Products - How To: Log Retaining Walls

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Log retaining walls used for terracing add a natural soft touch to sloping sites while performing an essential functional purpose.  
You Will Need:
concrete mix
common bricks
posts and logs
10mm gravel
string line
posthole digger or
steel bar
agricultural drainage pipe
spirit level
tape measure
nails and hammer

Concrete Mix
Retaining wall designs are dependant upon soil type, height of wall, load to be retained, and local government authority requirements. Please consult your supplier and local council.
Work out correct spacing for upright posts by determining the location of both ends of the wall and appropriate spaces in between.
Dig holes to a depth that enables half the upright log to be concreted into the ground, with the remaining half above
ground level to be used for retaining soil.
Holes should be dug at a slight angle leaning back into the area to be retained.
Hole diameter should allow a minimum 75mm concrete thickness surrounding the post for its entire depth.
Place 10mm gravel to cover the bottom 50mm of the hole for drainage and to reduce possible rotting of the post over time. Position post in center of the hole sitting on gravel base.
Mix Concrete to a stiff consistency. This will assist in holding the post in position. Ensure post lays back towards area to be retained. This is known as battering.
Concrete in upright posts at either end first. As a guide to the positioning of remaining posts, use a brickies string line tied to the inside face (side to be retained) or both end posts.
After all posts are concreted in, leave for 24 hours.
Next day, fix all horizontal logs to upright posts ensuring that they are level.
Backfill base of wall with gravel. Place agricultural drainage pipe on gravel at back of wall and backfill with more gravel to totally encase drainage pipe by at least 100mm.
Backfill remainder with soil to appropriate level.
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