Packaged Products - How To: Bush Rock Edges

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You Will Need:
concrete mix
sand & cement mix
bush rock
nails and hammer
pointed trowel
edging tool
tape measure
wooden float

Concrete Mix

Sand & Cement
Excavate trench to desired profile for concrete base. Depth should be a minimum 75mm, width is dependant on shape and size of bush rock.
Form face edge with flexible formwork.
Mix Concrete and fill trench level to formwork..
While concrete is still wet, position bush rock into the concrete, using your hands in a rocking motion to get the bush rock slightly submerged into the concrete.
Finish face edge along formwork using an edging tool and pointed trowel.
Leave for 24 hours.
Sand Cement may be used with coloured oxides to fill gaps between bush rocks. When Sand Cement is starting to set,
use a damp sponge to finish off Sand Cement surface and
clean bush rock.
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