Packaged Products - How To: Brick Letterbox

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Create a letterbox with style and flair to compliment your home.  
You Will Need:
mortar mix
concrete mix
sandstone capping
timber formwork
screed board
spirit level
nails and hammer
timber marked with brick and mortar spacings
newspaper holder (clay pipe)
wooden float
pointed trowel

Brickies Mud

Concrete Mix
"Brickies Mud is a premixed trade quality mortar, suitable for use in all brick and block work."
Place loose bricks in shape of letterbox design on selected site to determine area top be excavated. It is advisable at this stage to have already purchased your letterbox and newspaper holder (clay pipe) so that the correct width of your brick letterbox can be determined. Nail together timber formwork and place in excavated area for concrete slab.
Mix, place and finish Concrete. Leave concrete for 24 hours before laying bricks for letterbox.
Mix Brickies Mud and spread evenly over slab where first layer of bricks are to be laid. Lay first course of bricks onto the mortar bed, ensuring a 10mm vertical joint and a 10mm horizontal joint.
Use a spirit level to ensure each brick course is straight and level. Lay additional courses of bricks until you reach a height to position letterbox and newspaper holder.
To ensure 10mm mortar joints are maintained between each course, mark on a straight piece of timber the brick
height and mortar joint width, and use regularly to check correct vertical spacing is maintained.
Place letterbox and newspaper holder on bed of mortar and continue bricking until desired finished height is reached.
Mortar joints can be left flush, or raked. To create a raked finish, hammer a nail through a small piece of timber
(protruding about 5mm) and scrape along the mortar joint before it has finally set. Smooth 'reo' bar slightly curved at one end can be used to give rolled joints
Next day, place mortar on top layer of bricks and position sandstone capping as the finishing touch.
Brush off all excess mortar at end of each day.
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