Packaged Products - How To: Stone Pathways - Concrete

Rejuvenate your old concrete paths and create your own authentic cottage garden pathway with the natural beauty of stone.  
You Will Need:
sand & cement mix
bond & seal
paving sand
paving stones
pointed trowel
timber guides and screed board
rubber mallet
wooden pegs
nails and hammer

Bond & Seal

Sand & Cement
Ensure existing concrete is clean. Roughen surface with a wire brush and sweep / hose off dust.
Create a 30mm to 50mm Sand Cement bed for paving stones by mixing Sand Cement with a suitable bonding agent (Bond 'n Seal) to ensure that the Sand Cement bonds to existing concrete base, Don't make mix too wet as it needs to be of a consistency that will support the weight of the paving stones.
Immediately lay paving stones on top of Sand Cement bed, gently tapping paving stones with rubber mallet so that they become embedded into the Sand Cement. Top up gaps between paving stones with more Sand Cement using a pointed trowel.
Wait until Sand Cement has started to set before using a damp sponge to clean paving stones and finish off Sand Cement surface. If used remove timber guides and edge sides with Sand Cement.
As with all cement based products keep Sand Cement moist for seven days to allow proper curing of product.
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