Packaged Products - How To: Build a Fishpond

Fishponds are a delight in any garden - even more so when it's your own work!  
You Will Need:
concrete mix
chicken wire
sheet of builders plastic (larger than desired pond)
heavy bristled broom
house bricks or heavy rocks

Concrete Mix
Consider the size, shape and depth of the pond. Select a smooth and level ground site. Lay string on ground to the desired shape and secure with pegs.
Dig a hole to the desired depth. Be sure the sides slope inwards and the bottom is even. Cover the pond floor with 50mm of building sand to provide a bed for the lining.
Cut plastic lining larger than pond and cover the pond area. Secure plastic with bricks on the outer edges of the pond.

Note: use builders plastic as it is more durable.
Mould chicken wire on top of plastic to the shape of the pond including the sides. Be sure not to pierce the plastic.
If you do, use duct tape to cover piercing.
Mix Concrete to a smooth consistency with minimal water. Lay concrete approximately 100mm thick and ensure the chicken wire is positioned in the middle of he concrete. Compact firmly
for water tightness. Leave to cure for 7 days. Protected from moisture loss.
Once the concrete has cured, fill the pond with water to minimize shrinkage and cracking. Leave for a fortnight then empty the pond, scrubbing hard with a broom to ‘season’ it, clean out and refill with clean water.
Now your pond is ready to enjoy.
Just add your personal choice of rocks, fish and water plants for a look that will transform your outdoor area.
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