Packaged Products - How To: Brick Walls

Walls are a popular feature in any house or garden and are easy to build.  Below are easy to follow instructions for brick garden walls.  
You Will Need:
house bricks
timber boards
Boral Cement Blue Circle Ag-pipe
reinforcing mesh
timber for framework
spirit level

Brickies Mud

Concrete Mix
"Brickies Mud is a premixed trade quality mortar, suitable for use in all brick and block work."
Laying a strong footing for a retaining wall is vital as the wall must support the slope behind it. Dig a trench 500mm wide and 500mm deep for the length of your wall. Place reinforcing mesh inside at least 50mm off the ground. Mix a batch of Concrete and half fill the boxed trench. For extra support, place an additional layer of reinforcing mesh on top of the fresh concrete, then fill to the top. At least 5 days should be left for curing, before laying brickwork. To avoid cracking keep moist.
When seeking bricks for your retaining wall it is important to remember that a double-brick wall provides double the
strength of a single-brick wall. Mix and spread Brickies Mud on the footing. Then place a double row of bricks for the length of the wall. Build up to the height required checking accuracy with the spirit level as you progress. Between the first and second layer of bricks leave some vertical mortar gaps for any excess seepage. Complete the wall by laying the last row of brick
on edge.
When building a retaining wall you need to allow for drainage. Place gravel behind the wall to a depth of 15cm. Lay the Ag-Pipe on top and cover with the remaining gravel. It is important that the pipe is exposed at each end of the wall. Once the remaining gravel is in place, backfill with soil.
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