Packaged Products - How To: Brick Coatings

To rejuvenate old brickwork and create a new stylish Mediterranean finish.  
You Will Need:
off white cement
plaster/hydrated lime
clean fine sand

Off White Cement

Plaster Lime

Bond & Seal

Clean existing brickwork removing any grease, oil or paint.
Dampen brickwork with clean water to reduce the possibility of the bricks sucking out the water from the cement render. This will prevent the cement render drying out too quickly and reducing its bond strength.
By volume, mix 3 parts clean fine sand, 1 part Off White Cement and 0.5 part Plaster Lime with clean water and Bond 'n Seal into a fluid creamy mix. Always add the same amount of water to each mix so as to maintain a consistent colour.
Apply evenly with a damp, dense sponge over brickwork.
Leave for 24 hours and apply a second coat. If applying over dark coloured bricks a third coating may be required.
Leave for 7 days before painting with appropriate paint for desired colour, or leave as is.
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