DIY building & home improvement project ideas

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DIY Handyman's Guide to Concreting at Home

Full of Boral handy hints and information on how to :

How to Make Good Concrete and Mortar

Do it yourself tips for concrete & brick building projects at home. Includes how to make good concrete, coloured concrete and mixing, how to mix good brick mortar for quality brickwork and an easy estimator for mixing sand-cement and concrete.

"How To" Garden and Landscaping Projects

Boral Cement helps you to build a fishpond, concrete or stone path or walkway, build brick walls, garden edges, a brick BBQ or letterbox and many other DIY building projects at home.

How to Lay Pavers

Boral has a comprehensive guide to laying pavers at home. Select the size, shape and colour of your pavers, how to calculate how many pavers you need, prepare the area for paving a path, courtyard or patio like a professional, plus many design ideas for your backyard makeover in the Outdoor Design Guide.

Boral Plasterboard

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Plasterboard Projects

Boral Do-it-Yourself (DIY) plaster products for DIY plastering at home to repair a hole in a wall or ceiling, fix new plasterboard in a room or the entire house. Easy 'how to' instructions, DIY tools and accessories - everything you need for a DIY plasterboard home building project.

Boral Retaining Wall Blocks

How to Build Retaining Walls

Boral shows you how to build a retaining wall in your garden. Boral has step-by-step instructions on how to build a curved wall, straight wall or corner retaining wall in your garden as well as heaps of design ideas for your backyard makeover in the Outdoor Design Guide.

How to Install Timber Flooring

Boral Timber step-by-step guide and recommendations for laying your new solid hardwood timber flooring. DIY tools & tips to work out how much timber you need, how to build a deck, lay a tongue & groove timber floor and sanding & polishing your new floor.