Abercrombie, Anderson and Charles
Advisory Committee on Capital Issues
Ainsworth, Fraser
Albion Reid Pty Ltd, 2
      SA quarrying expansion
Alexander, John
Algernon, Earl of Kintore
Allen Taylor and Co. Limited
      collusion charges
Mg-as Limited
American Embassy, Moscow
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
Ansett Australia
Antico, Tristan, 2
      battles with Quarry Industries' Board
ARC Industries Limited
      abandons Cyclone bid
  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers
      Australian Business Magazine
      profile of Boral
      take-overs speculation
Australian Gas Light Company
Australian Gas Light Limited
Australian Gypsum and Whiting Company Limited
Australian Gypsum Industries
      origins of name
      Sydney plaster mill
      US armed forces
Australian Gypsum Products Pty Ltd
Australian Iron and Steel
Australian Plaster Industries
Australian Wire Industries
Australian Workers' Union, 1968 strike
Azon Limited, 2

Ballarat Gas Company
Baltimore Brick Company
Bank of New South Wales
Basalt Deposits
Bass Strait Crude Oil
Bell Basic Industries, 2
Bell Resources
Berg, Tony, 2, 3, 4
      new company culture
BHP, 2, 3, 4
Bicentennial Roads Program
Bickerstaff and Isenhour
Bickerstaff Clay Products
Bickerstaff, James and William
Bituminous Pavements Pty Ltd
      first Prospect plant
Bjelke Petersen, Johannes
Blue Circle Cement PLC
Blue Circle group of companies
Blue Circle Southern Cement
      conflict within Boral
      rationale for acquisition
Blue Metal and Gravel Limited
      Dunmore quarry
      Prospect quarry
Blue Metal Industries
      name change
BMI Limited, 2
      compared with Boral
      superannuation scheme
BMI-CSR agreement
Boeing 727
Bond Corporation, 2
Boral beginnings
      acquisitions to 1970
      AGM 1970
      Ansett share purchase
      Asia expansion
            China plasterboard plant
      Board expanded
      brief statistics 1966
      change in company culture
      employee share scheme
      energy business sales
      expansion in Europe
            Germany acquisitions
            Holland acquisitions
            UK operations
      expansion into US
      financial position 1956
      first Board
      first delivery tankers
      five-year plan
      Formation Agreement
  Boral beginnings continued
      industrial disputes, 2
      industrial relations
            Group medical officer
            industrial disputes
            occupational health and safety
            reduction in injuries
            wage pause
      introduction of computers
      key-personnel changes, 2, 3
      logo 1968
      Magna Carta initiative
      management philosophy, 2
            financial controls
      mangement team
      name change, 2
      New Guinea operations
      new share isssue, 1987
      1984 employee numbers
      1980s downturn
      recruitment program
      refocusing strategy, 2
      role redefined
      shareholders' criticisms
      shipping tanker purchase
      the company today, 2
      US acquisitions
      WA expansion, 2
            local resistence
            unconventional negotiations
      withdrawal from oil industry, 2
      20th anniversary
            30th anniversary
Boral Basic Industries Limited
Boral Brick group
Boral Gas, 2
      industry expansion
Boral Gas Group, 2
Boral Gas Provident Fund
Boral Resources
Boral's Purpose
Boral-CSR joint venture
Boral-Total joint venture
      Boral withdraws
Bowles, Vern
Bradley and Craven brick press
Brick production
Brisbane and Wunderlich
Brisbane Gas Company
      acquisition strategy
      Newstead works
            LPG conversion
      Petrie's Bight works
      standby plant
British Naval Store
Brittain Bricks and Pipes Limited
      Darra plant
Brittain, Bill
Broken Hill
Broken Hill South
Building industry expansion
Bunnerong Road power station
Business Review Weekly

California Texas Oil Company see Caltex
California Tile Inc.
Caltex, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Caltex-Boral disputes, 2
      marketing agreement, 2
Camm, R.E.
Catalytic steam reforming unit
Chambers, Leonard
Charlton, Frank
City Bricks' brickworks, 1923
      Directors, 1923
      Tooroonga quarry
City Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited, 2
Clark Bricks
Clark, Henry
Coal-gas industry
      blower trucks
      lighting, Adelaide
      replacement by electricity
            by LPG
Columnar basalt
Commonwealth-States Roads Agreement
Coopers and Lybrand
Cornell, Jim, 2, 3, 4
  Cotton, Hugh
Cotton, Robert
Cottrell, Peter
Craig, David, 2, 3, 4
      death of
Craig, Hugh
Creek Native Americans
Crude oil supplies
      Australian allocation
      Australian discovery
Cunynghame and Starr
Cyclone Company of Australia
      contests take-over
      home-canning products
      publicly listed
      wartime production
Cyclone Fence and Gate Company Pty Ltd
Cyclone Fence Company, USA
Cyclone Hardware
Cyclone Pty Ltd
Cyclone Woven Wire Fence Company

D. and J. Fowler Limited
Dammann Asphalt
Darwin, Charles
Desulphurisation unit
Dorchester Brickworks
Doeman, Long and Co.
Dowell Australia Limited
Dunstan Tar Paving and Road Metal Depot
Dunstan, Henry

E.L. & C. Ballieu
Economic downturn
Edenhall Concrete Products
Edlin, James
Elrington Collieries
Emu and Prospect Road Gravel and Metal Company
Evans, Evan

Fadden, Arthur
Fiji Gas
Finley, Peter, 2, 3, 4, 5
First Homeowners' Scheme
Fleetwing Supreme
Flyash operations
Forestry Commission of NSW

Gas Division sea tankers
Gas making
Gas pipeline
Gas refrigeration
Gas Supply Company, 2, 3
Geelong Gas Company
Georgia-Carolina Brick and Tile Company
      Plant Number Four
Glen Iris Bricks, 2
Gold at Prospect Hill
Gorton, John
Gosse, Jock
Greenwald, John
Greiner, Nick
  Greystanes High School
Greystanes House
      US Army base
Griffin, Elton, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
      death of, 2
      resigns as cheif executive
Guignard Brickworks
Guignard, Gabriel, James and John
Gypsum Resources Australia Pty Ltd

Halkerston, Keith
Hanson, Andy
Harris, Don
Hartogen Energy Ltd
Hawke, Robert
Hebburn Collieries
Heeley, Geoffrey
Heron's Creek Timber Mills Pty Ltd
High-octane gasoline production
High-temperature cracking plant
Historic gypsum-mining lease
HLC Cotton and Son
Hollostone South Australia
      plant modification
Holmes å Court, Robert, 2
Holmes, Rod
Holt and Associates
  Hooper's Folly see Gold
Hooper, Bob
Hope Stone Breaker
Hoskins Iron and Steel Company Limited
      merger with BHP
Hoskins, Ken and Don
Housing Commission
Housing industry, 1980s slump
      1985 recovery
      1975 downturn
Howard Engineering
Huddart Parker Industries, 2

Ian Potter and Co.
International Financial Planning System
International Hough Payline demonstration
Irving, Malcolm
Isenhour Brick and Tile Company
Isenhour, George
Isomax unit

Jackson oil field
John Coates and Company
Johns and Waygood Company
Johns and Waygood Perry Engineering
Johns Perry Limited
, 2

Kean, Bruce, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
      business philosophy
Keays, Thomas
Kiama quarry, 2
Koopers Mill

Laidlaw, Don, 2
Lake Macdonnell
Lane Bros
Lang, Jack
Launceston Gas Company, 2, 3
      catalytic reforming plant
      coal-gas manufacture
      Humphries and Glasgow carburetted water

      name change
      retort houses
Lawson, Nelson and William
Layt, Jim
  Leslie, Gordon
Leslie, Jim
Life Savers
Lingl kilns
London and Midland Steel Scaffolding Co.
Long, Eugene
Loton, Brian
LPG, 2, 3
      first bottled
      market expansion

Mackenzie, Jack
Macklin, Bruce
Magellan Petroleum
Marion Lake
Matraville refinery
      administration office
      materials shortage
      desulphurisation unit
      ex-naval personnel
      firefighting equipment
      first production
      fluid catalytic cracking unit
      occupational health and safety training
      official opening
      oil surplus
      Operators' Training Manual
      personnel training
      safety film
McDonnell, Peter
McGirr, James
McKell, William
McLennan, Ian
McMahon Constructions
  Melocco Brothers
Melocco, Peter
Merivale gas field
Merry Bricks
      lightweight-brick process
Merry Brothers Brick and Tile Co.
Merry Companies Inc.
      name change
Merry Land and Investment Co.
Merry Shipping Co.
Merry, Arthur, Ernest and Walter
Midland Brick Company
      modified military equipment
      sold to Boral
      first commercial forklift
Millar, Bob
Milne, John
Minter, Simpson and Company
Mobile Plant
Morrissey, Harry
Murphy and Moloney, 2, 3
Murray, Tom, 2

Naphtha gas, 2
National Housing Summit
Natural gas, 2
      industry pre-1990s
Neal, Eric, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
      appointed chief executive
Neil O'Sullivan and Rowell
New Parliament House
New South Wales Associated Blue Metal Quarries Limited
      Bombo Quarry
      Minnamurra quarry
New South Wales Blue Metal Company
  New South Wales Railways, 2
      coal-burning loco conversion
New, Gerald
New, Ric
      death of
Norman J. Hurll and Co., 2
North Broken Hill
NRMA Funds Management
NSW Government quarries

O'Neill, John, 2, 3, 4
      death of
Oil Company of Australia Limited
Oil discovered in Australia
Oil-price crisis, 1970s

P.L. de Monchaux, Willcock and Griffin
Pacific Bricks
Pacific Dunlop
Palm Valley gas field
Parrot, Ron
Perry Engineering
      Golden Jubilee book
      involvement in automotive industry
      publicly listed
Perry, Frank
Perry, Samuel
Petersville Sleigh
      Customs duty reduction
      import duty removed
Petroleum and Chemical Corportion
  Phillip, Arthur
Pioneer Concrete, 2, 3
Pitt, John
Playford, Thomas
Port Kembla
Potter and Partners
Potter, Ian, 2
Pre-mix concrete
Prospect Hill see also Gold
Prospect quarry
      private railway
Prospect reservoir

Quarries Pty Limited joint venture company
Quarry Industries Limited
      approach to Boral
      battle for control
      rebuff of Boral offer
Quarrying, 2
Queensland Alumina Limited
Queensland Oil Refineries Pty Limited
      bitumen depot

Railcar gas-loading point
Ready-Mix Concrete
Recession of 1990s
Road-servicing equipment, 1960s
Rowell, John

Sagasco Historical Club
Sagasco Holdings Limited
      conversion to natural gas
      Electrolux contract
      monopoly fears
      SA Government interest
Santos Ltd
Saunders, Brian, 2, 3
Sawmillers Exports
Share market crash, 1987
      effects on Boral
Shell company
Simpson, Telford
Smith's Crisps
South Australian Gas Company
South Australian Oil and Gas Corporation
South Brisbane Gas Company
Southern Limestone Pty Ltd
      agricultural limestone manufacture
      development of new markets
      electrical supply problems
      post-war shortages
Southern Portland Cement
St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
St Peters fire
Steel Mills Limited
      new Queensland factory
Sterring and Partners
Stirling, Sam
Stonyfell Quarry
      working conditions
Stonyfell vineyard
      sale to Penfolds
Stopford, Ted
Styles Blue Metal
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House
Sydney water shortages
Sykes, Mr
Synthetic crude oil

Tasmanian Gas Corporation
Taylor, Allen
      death of
The Boral Book
The Voyage of the Beagle
Thompson, William
Timber Industries Limited
      machine stress grader
      radiata trusses
      sawmill conversion
      1990s expansion
  Timber industry
      Boral's entrance
      mining timbers
      woodchip production, 2
Total Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd, 2, 3
Total-Boral Limited, 2
Trade Practices Commission, 2
Transport Workers' Union
Tullamarine freeway

Victorian Gas and Fuel Corporation , 2

W.B. Carr Constructions
Wallboard Manufacturing Company (US)
Warringah Brick and Pipe Works
Webb, Ted
Wells, Gerry, 2, 3
Wembley Gypsum Producers Sdn Bhd
Whitaker, Robert
Whiteman's Bricks
WJ Machines Mill
Wran, Neville

Yell, Malcolm
Yunghams, Peter

Zinc Corporation    


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