Boral Design Award 2011/12 - Questions & Answers

Boral Design Awards 2011/12
questions and answers
Since the start of the 2011/12 Boral Design Awards Competition, we have had a great response and a few questions have arisen regarding the application criteria. We have compiled answers to the most common questions to give you the best possible opportunity to develop a well-polished design submission.

The competition closes on Thursday, March 1st, so get your entry pack ready!
January 2012
Q:Regarding the 4 page PDF submission, can this PDF be any page size (eg. A2, A1, A0) or does it have to be A4 as per the hard copy submission?
A:The Entry Details, Visual Submission requirements state:

"On a CD or DVD, please provide:
  1. One PDF showcasing your design over a series of up to 4 pages, including all relevant details, diagrams (containing at least one internal render) and project text (up to a maximum of 500 words).
  2. Separate image files of up to 5 physical models or 3D renders for publication purposes in the event of short listing. These must be supplied as 300dpi jpeg or TIFF files.
  3. A hard copy of the supplied PDF file printed on A4 sheets. Projects submitted on larger than A4 sheets will not be accepted."

Therefore, we would recommend that you keep your PDF submission to A4 size.
December 2011
Design Awards Update
As a result of the high level of interest generated by the Boral Design Awards competition, a few points for clarification have arisen from entrants.
  • The building location is intended to be generic CBD but if your design would benefit from a specific location, you could adopt either the Melbourne or Sydney CBDs as a reference point. Please state your assumptions.
  • Contour plans are not provided; please refer to the supporting photos under the Resources column to the right of the Design Awards web page.
  • Please download the latest CAD drawings (V2), which provide a revised North point, bringing it into line with the PDF drawings.
  • Design solutions must stay within the building envelope but may extend upwards, subject to the competition rules.
October 2011
Q:Do the design proposals have to stay within the building envelope, i.e. the ground floor and the first floor or can additional floor/s be added to the building?
A:Design solutions can extend above the building envelope.
Q:Are CAD drawings (dwg or dxf format) of the floor plans available or are we limited to the pdf's supplied?
A:CAD drawings in dwg format can be downloaded from the Boral website here:
Q:How about floor/site RL's?
A:RLs have not been provided for the site but there are floor to floor dimensions. The accompanying pictures show how the building relates to its immediate streetscape.
Q:There is a ramp on plan but nothing shown on section - is it up or down and what's the rise or fall? It only seems to run from the street to the entry on the photographs.
A:There is a section on the revised CAD drawing showing the ramp going upwards.
Q:There is no up or down indication on the stairs.
A:There are arrows on the CAD drawings. Drawing convention dictates that arrows point in the upwards direction. This can also be confirmed from the Section.
Q:Can you give a Google Earth reference for the site so that we can see what the local environment is like?
A:The location of the building has been intentionally kept confidential - to respect the owner's privacy. However, for environmental considerations, it can be said that the building is located in the inner Melbourne CBD.