Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is now available through one of Australia's largest building product manufacturers and suppliers. Boral has recognised an opportunity to introduce Cultured Stone veneer to Australia. The Cultured Stone cladding has been around for almost 50 years in the established US stone cladding market. Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone cladding product that has all the qualities of traditional stone but with significant other benefits.

Boral Cultured Stone offers a huge variety of colours, shapes and textures, each unit of Cultured Stone is cast in natural stone moulds and carefully hand coloured to achieve the look and feel of natural stone. Stone wall profiles such as stacked stone, random stone, and ledgestone are available. Cultured Stone wall cladding is lighter in weight and more affordable, making it an accessible material for architects, builders and home owners alike.