Introducing our lower carbon¹, high performance concrete.
ENVISIA® might just change the way you play the game
Currently available in NSW and ACT,
The search for a high performing, lower carbon¹ concrete has led Boral to breakthrough technology in mix design.
New ENVISIA® concrete with ZEP® technology lab tests shows superior shrinkage and creep performance² and no compromise
on early strength or cycle times². ENVISIA® concrete with ZEP® technology can outperform conventional³ concrete.
On top of that ENVISIA® is AS1379 compliant.

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ENVISIA® concrete provides lower chloride diffusion, water absorption and permeability(4), compared to an equivalent grade of conventional (3) concrete.
Due to inherent properties in Boral's proprietary ZEP® technology, ENVISIA® outperforms conventional(3) concretes in shrinkage and creep – providing up to 50% reduction in shrinkage(2) compared to conventional(3) concrete.
ENVISIA® performs as a lower carbon(1) concrete without compromising concrete strength or stressing cycle times(2) compared to the same grade of conventional(3) concrete.
The lower carbon(1) composition of ENVISIA® is achieved using ZEP®, our proprietary cement activating agent. ENVISIA® achieves
a Portland cement reduction of up to 65%
using the Green Star MAT-4 method^
without the traditional trade-offs in concrete performance(5).

1. Boral Laboratory Testing, March 2013, indicated that the manufacture of ENVISIA® concrete with ZEP® technology resulted in a 27% reduction in embedded carbon levels compared to Boral standard 50 MPa PT concrete.

2. Boral Laboratory Testing, conducted from August 2012 - June 2013 indicated that ENVISIA® concrete with ZEP® technology provides up to 50% reduction in shrinkage compared to conventional concrete and reduces creep strain by 40% over conventional concrete with no reduction in early strength or impact on cycle times.

3. Conventional concrete refers to concrete containing Boral's currently used blends of Portland cement and supplementary cementitious material that do not include ZEP® technology, that has been in common use prior to the availability of ZEP® technology and compliant with AS1379.

4. Boral Test Results indicated that ENVISIA® concrete with ZEP® technology provides lower chloride diffusion (Boral Field Testing 2011) and lower water absorption and permeability (Boral Laboratory Testing (NATA Facilities No. 547 and 9968) Feb/March 2013) when compared to an equivalent grade of conventional¹ concrete.

5. For 40 MPa post-tensioned concrete and comparison based on the Green Building Council of Australia material credit for concrete MAT-4. Boral Laboratory Testing 2013 indicated that when Boral's ZEP® technology is used in the manufacturing process, less carbon-intensive Portland cement is required to achieve the same strength outcomes as conventional Portland cement based concretes.

Boral, the Boral logo, ENVISIA, ZEP and Build something great are trade marks of Boral Limited or it's affiliates and may be registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

^ Using ENVISIA® can help achieve maximum points from the revised Green Star 'Concrete' credit - MAT-4.

Please note that individual products are not reviewed or certified under the Green Star rating system.

Green Star credit requirements cover the performance of materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products or brands.