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Concrete & Asphalt Peninsula Link Case Study Peninsula Link VIC Case Study

Boral Concrete, Asphalt & Quarries complete Peninsula Link freeway in Melbourne's South East. Approx. 300,000 tonnes pavement laid in 4 mths. Read more.

Decorative Concrete See & Compare Decorative Concrete helps you choose colour & styles of Decorative Concrete next to your choice of walls, floor, roof, render and now mortar colours. Simple & easy, try it now!

polished concrete floors Polished Concrete Flooring

Find out more about Boralstone® polished concrete floors for practical, low maintenance interior and outdoor flooring.

Luminesque® glow in the dark concrete Luminesque® Glowing Concrete

Premium decorative concrete with embedded aggregates that glow in the dark. Great as exposed aggregate concrete for outdoor areas.
Available in VIC & QLD.

Trade & Industry  - Product news & events

Technical guides for placing concrete

Download technical guides from the Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia website.

NEW! ENVISIA™ lower carbon concrete (NSW only) NEW! ENVISIA™ lower carbon concrete

Achieved through ZEP™ technology. Superior shrinkage & creep performance. Behaves like conventional* concrete.
AS 1379 compliant. (NSW only)

Boral Concrete Concrete, BCA & Energy Efficiency

CCAA Concrete, Cement & Aggregates Australia data sheet on Energy Efficiency in Building Regulations and use of concrete in housing.

concrete & construction materials testing Concrete & Materials Testing

Boral Materials Technical Services Lab in NSW conducts compliance testing for concrete and range of general building & construction materials.

concrete technical advice - winter concreting Winter Concreting Fact Sheet

Boral Technical Advice on concreting in low temperatures. Tips on concrete ordering, placing and curing to limit effects of frosts and prolonged cold weather in winter.

Concrete mortar brick Chloride Resistance of Concrete

CCAA Cement, Concrete & Aggregates Australia provide detailed information on the Chloride resistance of concrete, testing and admixtures. Download PDF from the Special purpose cement page.

Concrete Building at Home - Products, tips & information

Boral Sampler kiosk in use NEW Release! Boral Sampler Interiors

Register & Try it NOW! Boral Sampler is an innovative new tool for homeowners and builders to choose styles, colours and compare Boral products.

concrete backyard pool Concrete & Mortar tips

Useful tips for concreting at home such as colouring concrete and finding the right mortar for do-it-yourself building projects - includes easy estimator on what to mix and how much.

Decorative Concrete Photo Gallery Decorative Concrete Photo Gallery

Check out the new Decorative Concrete image galleries to see inspiration design ideas, featuring our polished and coloured concrete ranges.

Step-by-Step DIY Concrete Guide Step-by-Step DIY Concrete Guide

Follow our easy steps to create your own driveway, path or floor with Boral Concrete. Includes tips on tools and how to achieve a great concrete finish.

About Boral Concrete

Boral concrete is a supplier to industrial, commercial and residential building projects combining technical expertise and on site capability. Boral Concrete has over 240 remix concrete plants around Australia producing a wide range of concrete mixes in metropolitan and country areas.

Home Owners DIY & Renovators Concrete Selection

How to 'Do-It-Yourself' concrete at home for durable and professional concrete floors, paths, driveways and patios, with range of decorative concrete colours and finishes including polished concrete for interior and exterior concrete floors, concrete counter tops and interior finishes.

Building Trade Concrete Selection

Versatile and reliable Boral concrete for ground slabs, footpaths, foundations and general concrete paving. Technical advice on pumping concrete, curing techniques, repair and cracking, laying, stamping, removing concrete stains, building with concrete, finishing, sealing, heating and polished concrete floors.

Building Design Professional Concrete Selection

Boral architectural and high performance concrete to meet demanding structural and durability requirements with decorative concrete finish and design; including special purpose concrete, coloured concrete and polished concrete flooring, driveways and outdoor areas.