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Sustainability Report Sustainability Report

Over the past decade, Boral has continued to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainable development and to improve performance to a level of industry best practice.

Sustainable Building Sustainable Building

See which Boral products are suitable for sustainable building.

Boral News Magazine Boral News Magazine

This magazine provides a range of information on Boral including updates on operational improvements, sales and marketing initiatives, innovation and employees.

Community Consultation Programs Community Consultation Programs

Community consultation programs exist at key Boral operations and a number of smaller operations to facilitate the exchange of open and transparent communication.

Key businesses include:
Cement Works
Quarry end use / land developments

Boral's History Book Boral's History Book

From The Ground Up - Boral's First 50 Years by Stephanie King. This book was published in 1996 to commemorate Boral's 50th anniversary.

Sustainability News and Submissions

  • Gender Equality Report
  • Boral’s 2017 Public report on Gender Equality was lodged with the Gender Equality Agency on 7 June 2017. Comment and feedback on Boral’s Public report can be forwarded to the Group Human Resources Director, Boral Limited or the workplace Gender Equality Agency.

  • December 2013 - EEO Report
  • Boral's Energy Efficiencies Opportunities (EEO) public report

  • Sustainability News Archive
  • Click to see all Boral's Sustainability News Items.