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Australian Construction Materials

The Australian Construction Materials (ACM) division employs around 4,600 employees and 1,300 contractors in quarry, concrete, asphalt, transport, contracting and land development activities throughout Australia. With around 400 operating sites, ACM has a regional focus to serve Boral's local markets.
Boral Contract Crushing Boral Contract Crushing
Boral's main contracting businesses are a national contract crushing business run from a base in South Australia and a contract mining business in Western Australia.
Australian Construction Materials Boral Asphalt
Boral is a national supplier of asphalt with around 50 plants around Australia producing asphalt and other materials for surfacing and maintenance of road networks.

Boral Asphalt is an innovative leader in pavement materials, services and technology for applications varying from major freeways to industrial hardstands to private driveways; from initial construction through to professional ongoing maintenance. With operations across Australia, Boral Asphalt is one of Australia's most experienced and respected road surfacing and maintenance companies. Our capability covers fixed and portable operations for maximum flexibility. The range of services includes asphalt, spray sealing, pavement design , rehabilitation and road maintenance, specialty products and recycling. Boral Asphalt can perform your pavement task efficiently, competitively and professionally.
Boral Concrete Boral Concrete
Boral has around 240 premix concrete plants around Australia producing a wide range of mixes in metropolitan and country areas.

Boral Concrete, through a high level of technical know-how, have developed mixes using high quality materials to guarantee the long term durability of your concrete structure as well as deliver the workability and consistency that professional concrete placers require. Boral's Normal Class Standard Concretes are suitable for a number of general purpose applications including house foundations, driveways, footpaths, industrial floors and structures. Boral's Special Class Concrete products are designed to help you deliver your project on time and within budget. From concrete for road construction to concretes designed to line tunnels with a 100 - year design life our technical experts will work with you to ensure the concrete has the right performance characteristics required. Our Decorative Concrete range will highlight the aesthetics of your surroundings and improve the market value of your property.
Boral Transport Boral Transport
Boral's company-owned fleet totals around 400 vehicles providing bulk transport and logistics solutions to the construction materials businesses, other Boral divisions, the coal industry and other external specialised bulk materials and freight markets.

Boral's Australian Construction Materials business is a major supplier of products to the dwelling, commercial construction, roads and engineering markets. Products include Asphalt, Concrete, Quarries, Transport, Recycling, and Concrete Placing. As one of Australia's largest and most experienced Construction Materials suppliers, Boral has the resources and the expertise to perform for customers Australia wide. Committed to providing customers with a reliable supply of quality products, Boral Construction Materials has invested in the most advanced plant and equipment, and progressive work practices. A highly trained and skilled workforce and a focus on continuous improvement programs reflect a commitment to excellence. Boral is professionally managing a diverse range of resources in an environmentally responsible manner to ensure a sustainable supply of products well into the next century - an Australian company working to perform for both industry and the environment.
Boral Quarries Boral Quarries
Boral is Australia's leading quarry operator with around 100 quarries, sand pit and gravel operations, producing concrete aggregates, crushed rock, asphalt and sealing aggregates, road base materials, sands and gravels. >more...
Quarry End Use Quarry End Use/Western Landfill
Boral's Quarry End Use focuses on realising appropriate end uses for quarry properties and other Boral land assets that are nearing the end of their extractable life. Current major QEU activities include development of the Greystanes Estate and the Moorebank brick plant redevelopment in Sydney and a 40% share in the Penrith Lakes Development Scheme. >more...
Boral Recycling Boral Recycling
At Boral we believe in sustainable development and as a producer and marketer of building and construction materials we have a role to play in the reuse of our products when structures they are in have reached the end of their economic life. In order to reduce the depletion of our valuable natural resources Boral places an emphasis on the construction and demolition recycling businesses. >more...