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Why Choose Commercial Pavers Why Choose Commercial Pavers

Boral pavers provide practical and innovate solutions to design challenges associated with commercial hardscapes.

Boral Commercial Pavers Your range of Commercial Pavers

Browse our range of Boral pavers designed for commercial use.

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Now Available! Boral Tactile Pavers Now Available! Boral Tactile Pavers

Boral tactile pavers provide a detectable warning on the ground, making walkways safer for the visually impaired.

Boral Hydrapave® Permeable Paving System Hydrapave® Permeable Paving System

The Hydrapave® system allows rain water to infiltrate through small channels of the paver, passing into a prepared sub-base.

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Boral Interpave™ for High Volume Traffic Interpave™ for High Volume Traffic

Boral segmental paving system, engineered for heavy loads and poor foundation support.

Boral Elpave™ High Performance Paving System Elpave™ High Performance Paving System

Elpave™ is ideal for areas such as heavy transport and container terminals, industrial facilities, aircraft terminals.

About Boral Pavers

Boral is a manufacturer of clay and concrete products in Australia with 10 manufacturing sites in 5 states. Boral is a recognised leader in the paving, landscaping and retaining wall segments with an industry-leading range of paver products. Boral is leading supplier of clay and concrete pavers. Find the perfect paver for your project. Available in Melbourne VIC, Perth WA, Adelaide SA, Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW.

Home Owners DIY & Renovators Selection

Boral pavers come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit all styles of home and gardens. Find pavers to suit new and modern homes and pavers for patios, driveways, paths and outdoor areas.

Building Design Professional Selection

Boral pavers are available in a range of colours and textures to suit new homes, commercial or renovation projects. Includes building examples and paver technical information.

Building Trade Selection

Boral pavers for commercial and residential design and specification. CAD swatches, paver properties, project examples, paving outdoor areas, modern or restoration building projects.

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