Boral Cement - Quality Statement

:: Blue Circle Southern Cement Quality Statement ::
The objective of our quality policy is to satisfy the requirements of our customers and the marketplace by consistently and predictably providing products and services that conform to relevant specifications, codes, Australian Standards, supply agreements and contractual requirements in a timely manner. Boral Cement Quality Policy»

To meet this objective we operate a certified Quality Management System (QMS) complying with the requirements of the International Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. This QMS applies to all our manufacturing and despatch sites. Quality Certification»

  This QMS encompasses a disciplined and detailed system of strategic planning, budgeting, reviewing, client feedback, and reporting on the quality of our product and services.  

Our site laboratories support the QMS through the testing of our products to verify compliance with our high quality standards.

The Berrima Laboratory is accredited by NATA and operates a range of modern analytical and testing equipment for the comprehensive chemical and physical testing of our cements and raw materials. The NATA certification together with participation in internal and external laboratory quality assurance programs ensures the accuracy and reliability of test results.

The Laboratory provides certified results for compliance verification and provides support to the manufacturing sites in their programs of continuous improvement to plant operations, product quality and performance.

The Maldon and Kooragang Laboratories provide quality control data for their site manufacturing operations including the new packaged products plant.

Through our laboratories and QMS we provide quality assured products that meet our customer's expectations.

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