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Boral Plasterboard’s FlexiBOARD™ has added a new dimension to wall and ceiling design and construction. Curved, wavy or simply contoured walls, ceilings and feature panels are easy to construct using FlexiBOARD™.

FlexiBOARD™ consists of a non-combustible gypsum core specially formulated to enable the board to curve to tight radii without wetting.

FlexiBOARD™ may be applied to timber, steel or masonry substrates making it ideal for construction of curved walls and ceilings, feature partitions, barrel-vaulted ceilings, arches, domes and bulkheads for both commercial and residential applications.
Boral Plasterboard FlexiBOARD™ is nominal 6.5mm thick gypsum plasterboard specially formulated for curved surface applications. Ideal for convex and concave designs, the feature strength core allows it to bend to tight radii. The core is encased in a strong paperliner, with recessed long edges enclosed within a complete paper fold, ensuring a smooth finish when taping and jointing.
FlexiBOARD™ is lightweight and easy to install, saving both time and money when constructing curved plasterboard surfaces.

Lightweight, FlexiBOARD™ scores and snaps easily and its extraordinary flexibility enables efficient construction of sharply contoured walls or ceilings without prior wetting of the board.

The recessed edges of FlexiBOARD™ ensure rapid taping and jointing and smooth flush finishing, producing a superior surface that will accept a wide range of decorative finishes.
FlexiBOARD™ can be applied to timber, steel or masonry substrates. With so many alternatives, FlexiBOARD™ is an economical choice for construction of curved surfaces whatever the project. Boral Plasterboard FlexiBOARD™ is available in all states.

Boral Plasterboard FlexiBOARD™ must be installed in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 2589.1:1997 - “Gypsum linings in residential and light commercial construction - Application and Finishing.” Wetting FlexiBOARD™ is only necessary to obtain extremely tight radii, or in situations where temperature and humidity are very low.
Handling and Storage
Care needs to be taken not to damage the edges of the FlexiBOARD™ sheets when handling.
Plasterboard should be delivered to site immediately prior to installation to reduce risk of damage and should be stacked flat and kept dry before and during installation. Storage off the ground should be on strong level bearers laid across the width of the sheet at 400mm max. centres.
Product Specifications
FlexiBOARD™ plasterboard sheets are supplied in 50 sheet packs of standard 1200mm wide, 3600mm or 4800mm long and nominal 6.5mm thick. FlexiBOARD™ plasterboard sheets more than 1200mm wide and 4800mm long are available given sufficient lead time and volume. FlexiBOARD™ mass = 4.15kg/m²
Architectural Specifications

Specify to meet individual project requirements.
All materials unless otherwise indicated shall be manufactured by Boral Plasterboard. Boral Plasterboard FlexiBOARD™ must be installed and finished in accordance with the instructions printed in this brochure.
Steel Stud (CS) 51, 64, 76, 92 and 150mm wide in various thicknesses.
Top and bottom track 51, 64, 76, 92 and 150mm wide in various thicknesses.
Furring Channel Rondo Part No.129 or 308.
Furring Channel Anchor Clip Rondo Part No. 237
Timber Stud in various sizes and grades.
FlexiBOARD™ plasterboard sheets 1200mm wide, 3600mm and 4800mm long and nominal 6.5mm thick.
Fasteners Gypsum Screws: Drill point Type D or Needle point Type S - sizes as required;
Laminating Screws Type L- sizes as required.