Technical Literature

The QuietZone™ systems have been designed to reduce unwanted noise from specific areas of a home. There are three QuietZone™ ceiling systems designed to suit varying budgets and design considerations - these three systems are identified as "Quiet", "Quieter" and "Quietest".

Building a QuietZone™ ceiling requires a little more care and attention to detail than standard systems. Each component in a QuietZone™ System must be securely fixed, necessary services strategically placed and all plasterboard perimeter edges and openings adequately sealed.

Note: QuietZone™ is a registered trademark of Amatek Limited trading as Insulation Solutions.
Boral Acoustic Ceiling Mount

The Boral Acoustic Ceiling Mount is used in the QuietZone™ systems and provides a cost effective solution to impact sound insulation for ceilings direct fixed or suspended to either concrete soffits, timber floor joists, roof purlins and the like.

The Acoustic Ceiling Mount significantly reduces transmission of impact sound from many common sources including:
• footfalls;
• rain; and
• equipment
Other typical applications for the Boral Acoustic Ceiling Mount are in multi-residential apartment construction, cinemas, and areas below a plant room.
• Easy and quick to install;
• Suspended application does not need additional fixings;
• Acoustic Ceiling Mount can be slid along the top cross rail which allows for easy re-positioning;
• Minimises low frequency “thumps” generated from footfalls on timber floors;
• Fully tested;
• Rubber Element is colour coded for easy identification of load range; and
• High load capacity minimises number of Acoustic Ceiling Mounts required per square metre.

The Boral Acoustic Ceiling Mount is designed for use in Rondo's Key-Lock Ceiling Suspension System. Refer to the Rondo catalogue for the spanning and spacing options for furring channels and primary rails.
Direct Fix Application
• Furring Channel Clip;
• Rubber Element; and
• Screw (supplied by others):
- 14-10 x min. 65 mm Type 17 roof screw into timber;
- 12 or 14 gauge x min. 45 mm drill point roofing screw into light gauge steel; or
- “Tapcon” screw into concrete.
Assemble the mount as shown in the following illustration.

1. Screw fix the mount via the central hole in the rubber element. For fire-rated ceilings, a 25 mm diameter x 2 mm steel washer is required under the fastener head.
2. Use a suitable power tool with an appropriate hex driver and tighten the fastener to a point where there is no compression of the rubber element. Check the pull-out capacity of fastener to ensure correct size is selected.
3. Clip furring channel into the Furring Channel Clip.