Award Winning Brick & Paver Recycling Initiative

Once you've completed your project, don't send your leftover clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles to landfill. Help save the environment and recycle!

Boral Midland Brick have an innovative, multi-award winning recycling program where old, broken and unwanted clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles are crushed back to their original state and reused in the manufacture of new internal brick products.

By recycling this waste, we minimise mining and divert waste materials from landfill - benefits unequalled by any other building material.

The strength, quality and technical specifications of new internal brick products that contain recycled waste are not affected in any way.

It is imperative that the waste material is 'clean' - that is, the clay brick, paver and tile waste cannot have any contaminant materials mixed in with it, especially cement, timber, paper, plastic, metal, or excessive mortar. Contaminated waste material will not be accepted under any circumstances. Pictured below are acceptable loads of recycled waste and unacceptable loads of contaminated waste.




General Public

Boral Midland Brick encourages the general public to return waste clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles to one of our four Recycling Yards:

>Middle Swan
>Osborne Park

Customers are welcome to bring back small quantities of clean waste to any of these Recycling Yards, from a few loose unwanted off-cuts, leftovers or broken bricks up to garden trailer loads.

Customers should call 13 15 40 prior to returning waste to ensure that there is sufficient bin capacity at their preferred Recycling Yard.

Green plastic strapping from brick and pavers packs can also be recycled at each of the above Recycling Yards.

Customers should call 13 15 40 for more information.

Recycled Demolition Waste

Please note Boral Bricks W.A. does not accept waste direct from demolition companies under any circumstances.

More Information

Call 13 15 40 for further details.

2008 WA HIA GreenSmart Award for Resource Efficiency 2007 WA Environment Award in the Resources and Waste category Waste bricks for recycling