Pavers Calculator

Length (m)
Width (m)
Note: All calculation results including number of units and square metres are approximate in value only. Please confirm product quantities required at time of order. Paving calculator assumes a wastage factor of approximately 10% in the wastage calculation. Ask your installer for wastage factor required for your paving project.
Apologies to NT and TAS customers as pavers calculator facility is not available in your State.

Print out your calculation results and take them to your nearest Boral stockist.
  Manual Paving Calculation
Measure your area to be paved to determine quantity of pavers required. This area is simply calculated by Length (m) Width (m) = Area (m) for basic square or rectangular spaces.
(where m = metres)
For odd shapes, break your area into sections.

For triangular areas.

Allow up to 10% extra pavers for wastage such as cuts and breakages.