Boral Recycling


To reduce the depletion of our valuable natural resources Boral places an emphasis on the construction and demolition recycling businesses. Boral Recycling has established large-scale Construction and Demolition operations in New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and recycles concrete and brick in partnership with Delta Demolitions in Victoria. Boral Recycling also manages the production of bottom ash in NSW/VIC. In NSW/ACT Boral Recycling comprises four major construction and demolition waste facilities with two facilities managing the production of bottom ash. In Victoria, Boral receives demolition concrete for recycling at four metropolitan quarry sites, while Delta manages a major recycling facility in the inner west suburb of Sunshine. Boral has had the opportunity to substantially upgrade the construction and demolition materials recycling facilities which have considerably greater capacity to receive construction and demolition materials. At Boral Recycling, we provide a wide array of quality recycled products which range from road bases, speciality products to aggregates.