Boral's WarmPave Asphalt

Paving the way towards a more sustainable future

Boral is an industry leader in the manufacture and application of construction materials and is committed to providing sustainable asphalt solutions.

Boral has again led the way by introducing its own warm mix asphalt which is the result of many years of research to satisfy the desire by road authorities and communities worldwide to use more friendly technologies to preserve and sustain the environment.

These new developments have led to a reduction in the amount of energy used and green house gases emitted in the asphalt production process.

Warm mix asphalt is achieved by reducing the temperature of asphalt in manufacturing and application, using a proven 'warm mix' technology while also allowing greater quantities of recycled asphalt to be used.

Warm mix asphalt has excellent long term performance with the additional benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of road maintenance.

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Boral's WarmPave asphalt