Focus on Safety

Gateway Project WA

Congratulations to the team from Boral Asphalt in WA, for delivering in excess of 450,000t of high quality Asphalt and Spray Seal to the iconic Gateway project and recording over 144,500 hours LTI free to date.

The project has spanned nearly two and a half years and involved a combination of challenging brown and green field sites, with operations often adjacent to high traffic areas.

The project also called for day-to-day operational flexibility, with daily (and sometimes multiple times per day) changes to location, logistics requirements, mix types and start/finish times.

These conditions called for a sustained and disciplined Focus on Safety which has delivered this LTI free result - whilst ensuring proper support and management of 2 Medical Treatment Injuries that occurred during the project (both being back strain related).

We recognise the strength of our LTI free achievement set against this major project backdrop.

"Boral is proud to be associated with this major project, find out more about the project at

Boral Asphalt Gateway Project