Boral Deer Park Operations


Boral's Deer Park Operations play a key role in the ongoing growth, development and management of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

To make this contribution, a wide variety of activities take place at each of the three sites.

Boral Deer Park Quarry
The main activities at the quarry include:

  • Stripping - the removal of 'overburden' (soil, sub-soil and other material which sits on top of the hard rock resource);
  • Drilling and blasting - use of controlled implosions to expose the hard rock for processing;
  • Loading and hauling - transfer of rock to the processing plant;
  • Crushing and screening - to produce the various grades of aggregate; and
  • Stockpiling, sales and transportation - storage and movement of products to market.

On-site maintenance on plant and equipment is also carried out as part of daily operations.

Boral Deer Park Asphalt
The main activity at the asphalt plant is the production of asphalt as customers require it.

The production process requires the use of aggregates from the neighbouring quarry, sand from the Boral Bacchus Marsh Quarry, and bitumen from oil refineries around Melbourne.

A quality assurance laboratory is also located at the asphalt site. Several Boral Logistics transport vehicles are kept at the plant, and contract compaction testing is also managed from the site.

Boral Deer Park Concrete
As with the asphalt plant, the concrete plant's primary activity is the production of pre-mix concrete for building and construction.

This production process also relies upon aggregates from the neighbouring quarry and sand from the Boral Bacchus Marsh Quarry. Cement from Boral's Waurn Ponds Works is the differing 'ingredient'.

The site houses several Boral Logistics 'agitators' (concrete trucks) for the delivery of product to customers.

Hours of operation

Through the relevant approvals, activity can take place around the Boral Deer Park Operations up to 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

The three operations tend, however, to operate predominantly from Monday to Friday. Hours are determined by both customer demand and the permitted hours of work under the various planning approvals.

For example, as most major road works are conducted by VicRoads contractors overnight, the Operations must accordingly be in a position to deliver relevant supply.

Boral Deer Park Concrete tends to operate between 5am to 6pm, Mon-Fri and 6am to 12pm Sat, but has the flexibility to alter these hours (including Sun operations) according to customer need.

Boral Deer Park Asphalt operates during night hours between Sundays and Thursdays in daylight savings months to meet demand for roadwork projects.


The movement of materials is a critical part of Boral's business. As with many large organisations, the ability to transfer volumes of raw resources and finished products is essential to the company's success.

To meet its needs, Boral operates a significant fleet of heavy vehicles and is a customer of a range of haulage contractors across Australia.

Boral recognises the safety obligations accompanying the large scale use of heavy vehicles on public roads. The business tries to ensure the highest standards of driving and vehicle maintenance are obtained to meet this objective.

We encourage all members of the community to give us feedback if they observe behaviour or incidents not aligning with this goal. Specifics such as time, location, vehicle registration and colour help us to further investigate and take appropriate action.

For vehicles associated with the Boral Deer Park Operations, you can send us your thoughts via email.

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A truck being loaded at the Boral Deer Park Quarry

A Boral Asphalt road crew at work

The Boral Deer Park Concrete plant

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