Timber Sustainability

Timber as a sustainable building product

Timber, as a building material, is good choice as it is a natural and renewable resource. Not only does timber store carbon through its life cycle but it is recyclable. The production and processing of timber products uses less energy than most other building materials, in turn resulting in fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

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AFS Chain of Custody

Boral Timber has implemented AFS Chain of Custody certification to support responsible and sustainable forest management in Australia.

Boral Timbers Chain of Custody certification meets the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) AS 4707-2006. AFCS has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) – the world’s largest forest management certifier.

All Boral Timber manufacturing sites are Chain of Custody certified, this means all products from these sites are certified and can be traced from processing to distribution and are produced using certified, legal and sustainably managed sources.

Boral Timber AFS certified products

Decorative hardwood products

  • Boral 19mm and overlay solid strip flooring
  • Boral parquetry
  • Boral decking
  • Boral cladding


  • Softwood
  • Green and seasoned hardwoods

Other products

  • Furniture boards, pallets, crating, poles, crossarms, dunnage, woodchips and woodwaste/biofuel.

>Australian Forestry Standard

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