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Timber Project Gallery
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Project Name:   McMasters Beach Decking

Architect(s):   Kerry Stirling Building
Builder(s):   Kerry Stirling Building

Product(s) Used:   Hardwood Timber Flooring, Hardwood Timber Decking and Hardwood Timber Cladding in Blackbutt species
The spectacular New South Wales central coastline has provided the perfect backdrop for an outdoor renovation boasting natural Australian hardwood timber.

At a McMasters Beach holiday home, timber in Blackbutt species was chosen for a range of exterior timber applications including decking, screening, cladding for the outdoor ceiling, doorframes and window sills.

According to builder Kerry Stirling, “The holiday homeowners wanted to replace the old, tired looking pine deck with an attractive, easy-to-maintain outdoor area. Renowned for its strength and versatility, Blackbutt was the natural choice and helped to create a continuous flow from the home’s Blackbutt indoor flooring. The decking’s natural golden hues blend well with the beach and stunning coastal landscape and also offer a nice contrast to the red tones of the home’s ironbark structural supports.”

Stirling continues, “As the outdoor area is quite small, 130mm wide boards were chosen to help create the illusion of space. For added privacy a timber screen, also in Coastal Blackbutt species, was installed to the north and south ends of the deck. To ensure the connection to the natural surroundings wasn’t lost, a hole was left in the screening so the trees and foliage could remain visible.”

The feature ceiling was finished with 250mm wide board timber run into tongue and groove cladding. Lights were the finishing touch, illuminating the outdoor space to help create an inviting entertaining area.

Stirling adds, “As the house is located in a highly corrosive area, it was important to use 316 marine grade stainless steel brackets and screws to finish off the deck renovation.”

Blackbutt is an ideal solution for outdoor renovations because of its density, toughness and natural beauty. Blackbutt has one of the highest Janka (hardness) ratings of 9.1 and is a durability class one timber above groundi, making it a durable species for decking. Blackbutt timber is also naturally fire and termite resistantii, treatment free and non-susceptible to lyctus borer making it ideal for the Australian climate.

Boral has achieved Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) chain of custody certification (AS 4707-2006) for its timber products. This means that the timber used to produce Boral Timber's hardwood flooring; decking and structural timber has been sourced from certified, legal and sustainably managed resources. The Australian Forestry Standard Scheme also has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) - the world's largest forest management certifier.

iAustralian Standard AS 5604-2005
iiAustralian Standard AS 3660.1-2000

Blackbutt has a Janka hardness rating of 9.1

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