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Boral Ormeau Quarry (Gold Coast, QLD) Stormwater Management System

Boral has applied engineering ingenuity and used recycled materials to design and build an industrial stormwater management system that captures, contains and clarifies stormwater runoff at its Ormeau Quarry.

Since commencing quarrying activities in 1981, Boral has invested more than 20 years working in partnership with local and community groups such as Landcare to improve the health of the Pimpama Creek riparian corridor and restore this important environment to a remnant condition.

Controlling and treating sediment-laden stormwater is a common operational challenge for extractive industry. Taking on this challenge, the project team employed proprietary technology and in-house engineering ingenuity to produce a bespoke stormwater management system.

The result is a system that is simple to operate, reliable and robust, while being cost-effective and responsive to the constraints of the site. It also meets both current environmental licence conditions, and is future-proofed against the remaining stages of the quarry’s development.

Since its commissioning (on time and within budget) at the end of 2015, there have been no breaches of water quality licence conditions.

Project elements with potential for broader application include:

  • Design features including coarse sediment forebays and use of recycled waste products (e.g. tyres, concrete mass-blocks).
  • Construction methodologies employed (e.g. geosynthetic clay liner membranes, reinforced earth grids).
  • The construction environmental management strategy – including temporary retention structures and surface stabilisation products to control erosion and sediment transport (e.g. surface crusting agents, high-performance hydromulching, mulch berms and cover, gypsum, flocculants).

This project sets the standard for cost-effective stormwater system management in environmentally sensitive areas, and provides learnings to the extractive industry sector.

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