Boral News Magazine

Issue 1, 2017

Quarries reinvestment in Australia
Q&A with Boral USA’s David Mariner
A day in the life of the Berrima Cement Works
Strengthening our Sydney concrete network
30 years with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Issue 2, 2016

Headwaters acquisition in the USA
Fly ash – a sustainable construction material
Reflecting on 70 years of Boral
A day in the life of the Boral Discovery Centre
Building homes with Habitat for Humanity

Issue 1, 2016

Celebrating Boral's 70 years
Long-serving employees share their insights
Boral Today
Tackling the Toowoomba Range
Sustainability initiatives
A day in the life of USG Boral in New Zealand

Issue 2, 2015

Managing Property to maximise value
Transforming through Innovation
How we're building a diverse and inclusive culture
A day in the life of our Northern Territory Quarries
Introducing Zero Harm Today

Issue 1, 2015

USG Boral Turns 1
How we're reinventing the Timber business
Changing the way we work in the Southern Region
A look at projects using Boral USA's products

Issue 2, 2014

Is Zero Harm a realistic target?
End the Illegality - Mike Kane
Recognising long serving employees
Helping our customers build better
Lighter, stronger plasterboard launched
Boral wins at the CCAA and IQA awards

Issue 1, 2014

Reinventing brick, stone and wood - new products to take centre stage
Focusing on major projects
Fix, Execute, Transform - What does it mean?
Deer Park Landfill - Setting the record straight
Secrets of a successful maintenance shutdown

Issue 2, 2013

Value added products vital for success
Boral USA celebrates safety excellence
Plasterboard joint venture, a platform for growth
Envisia - Lower carbon concrete of the future

Issue 1, 2013

Bricks West wins large Cultured Stone® project
Sydney aggregates project
Another successful Emerging Leader program

Issue 3, 2012

Dowell wins HIA Greensmart Award
Victorian Premier opens Dunnstown Quarry
Boral Gets the Look

Issue 2, 2012

Boral delivers marathon concrete pour at Port Botany
New Ipswich plant for Boral Asphalt
Boral Design Awards continues to showcase architectural talent

Issue 1, 2012

Boral Gypsum Asia launched throughout the region
GROWTH - US$14 million composites plant commissioned in USA
CUSTOMER SERVICE - Jindabyne Dam concrete pour a huge success despite complex conditions

Issue 2, 2011

BORAL acquires Lafarge’s interest in LBGA plasterboard venture
GROWTH: Queensland construction materials position enhanced
LEAN: A catalyst for Group wide improvements

Issue 1, 2011

Exciting times for the boral brand, one of our Company's most valuable assets
LEAN - Transforming Boral businesses
Innovation on the agenda in Building Products

Issue 2, 2010

Boral Trim from concept to commercialisation
Building Something Great - Chief Executive explains
Roof Tiles positive expansion in the US
Plasterboard growth in Asia and Australia

Issue 1, 2010

Boral works with customers on Stimulus Program
Partnering in $750 million motorway contract
Lean thinking comes to Boral
Boral has a vital role in Port Botany project