Product Catalogue: Cement Dry Mixes

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete is a proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands, cement and additive mixture suitable for post hole applications where lower than normal strength is acceptable.

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete CANNOT be mixed in a wheelbarrow or mechanical mixer like normal concretes.

The additive used in the mix reacts instantly with cement allowing very little to no mixing time or compaction.

    Features & Benefits

  • Requires no mixing.
  • Allows a fast, effective and fuss free method of erecting posts/logs.
  • Easy to use. Just add water.

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Product Range

Pre-mixed Bags

Application / Use

Post holes



Typical Applications
Ideal for setting fence posts, logs, clothes hoists, letterboxes or for any application requiring the fast setting of some support pole structure.

Calculate the volume of the hole in cubic metres (using V = πr²h) and then subtract the volume of your post. This will give you the volume of concrete required. Simply multiply the volume figure by 108 (108 bags per cubic metre) to give the amount of 20kg bags needed to fill the void.

Not recommended for use with aluminium substrates as corrosion can occur. Please consult aluminium manufacturer prior to such use.

No mixing required. Simply pour in approximately 1.5 litre of clean water in the hole. Add half the contents of the bag and then tamp with a steel rod to entrain the water into the mix.

Empty the remaining half of the bag contents and add a further 0.5 litre of water. Tamp again and finally compact the surface.

Ensure posts/logs are braced for at least 15 minutes to allow mix to set.

For best results keep Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete moist for 7 days by light watering to help maximise final compressive strength.
Rapid set no-mix performance chart

Blue Circle® Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete comes in 20kg plastic lined, multi-walled paper sacks.

108 x 20kg bags to one cubic metre.

Cleanup & Storage
Clean all tools and equipment with water promptly after use. Contact with air and moisture will cause hydration of cementicious products. Store in a cool dry place and seal any unused material. It is recommended to dispose of any cement based products over 12 months old.

Safe Handling
This product contains cement chemicals and trace amounts of Hexavalent Chromium. Avoid generating dust. Use personal protection equipment against exposure and alkali burns. Wash product off unprotected skin immediately with water. The use of goggles, dust masks, barrier creams and rubber gloves is recommended.

Manual handling of bagged products without proper training may result in personal injury. Wherever possible you should use mechanical aids or share the load with another person.

For further safety information consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product.


20kg Bag